New DBS Spoilers Reveal The Final Top Battle

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Top who is one of the strongest fighters of Universe 11 and previously revealed to be a candidate for the god of destruction is fighting Android 17 and Gohan in the arena. He has a huge build and appears muscular like other fighters. Top is the captain of Pride Troopers, protectors of Universe 11. His strength rivals that of SS Blue. Surprisingly, he is still not the strongest fighter of Universe 11.

So, the Tournament of Power has reached an interesting turn. Only a few fighters have survived. Universe 7 and Universe 11 are having a showdown for the survival of their Universe. Top and Jiren remain for Universe 11 while Frieza, Goku, Vegeta, and Android 17 remain for Universe 7. Top is going up against Frieza and Android 17.


Final Battle

According to the spoilers, Top will be pushed to a corner by powerful attacks from Android 17 and Frieza. As it was revealed in the early build-up of Tournament of Power, Top is training as a candidate for God of Destruction. That means, even if he is not at the level of someone like Beerus, he is on the way to be that powerful. Frieza is not powerful enough to compete against him but the support from Android 17 can push him out of the arena.

As Top will be pushed to the corner by Frieza, he will transform into a God of Destruction. It will boost his powers giving him much more strength. Frieza also transforms into his higher form, Golden Frieza. However, this is no match for God of Destruction. Things get desperate for the fighters of Universe 7 who have to deal with the destructive powers of a God of Destruction.

Both fighters are overpowered by Top after this transformation. Top moves to deal with Vegeta after crushing these two where another heated battle goes on. In the end, Vegeta succeeds to overpower Top. This is what is coming next for dragon ball super.


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