Hey guys. In the most recent episode of Dragon Ball Super, a huge discovery has been made. The discovery is about Vegeta getting a new power-up in the next episode. The trigger for this power is the beating from Jiren. For those of you who don’t know, Vegeta fought against Jiren in Dragon Ball Super 122. We already know that Vegeta was going to be beaten up by Jiren.

Let’s be honest, who expected Vegeta to beat Jiren without any power was a bit too optimistic. Even when Ultra Instinct Goku was unable to defeat Jiren, Vegeta never stood a chance. Vegeta did enough to land a couple of hits on Jiren. However, towards the end of the episode, it was speculated that Vegeta will be getting a new power-up. However, this powerup won’t be the Ultra Instinct.

Vegeta himself said that he didn’t want the Ultra Instinct to beat Jiren. He would defeat Jiren in his own way. The whole hint about the power-up was revealed towards the end of the episode, to be more precise, it was in the preview of the next episode. Dragon Ball Super even added the new Super Saiyan Blue form in the new ending for the series. According to Japanese fans, the new Super Saiyan form will actually be a cross between Super Saiyan Blue and Ultra Instinct. They have even named the new form. They are referring to the form as Blue Migatte or Migatte Blue on the popular fan-site 5ch.

The fans in the rest of the world have their own names for the transformation. The most popular of these names is Ultra Blue and as you can guess that the name is the combination of Ultra Instinct and Super Saiyan Blue. Royal Blue is being used as a name as well, however, the fans have opted to save it for the completed SSB form. I must say that it was really nice on the part of the creators to give Vegeta a new power as he would have definitely struggled with the new monsters which will be revealed in Dragon Ball Super.

With Goku having unlocked Ultra Instinct, Vegeta needed the powerup. The prayers of the fans have finally been answered by the Gods of the Dragon Ball Super and finally, Vegeta will be one of the strongest forces in Dragon Ball series. That’s it from me.

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