Jiren does not appear to be complicated but that is all of course about to correct, and there have been many signs of this in the show for people that think he lacks in the interesting personality.

Jiren on the outside is just this stoic character that shows no emotion but also accepts whatever is about to happen. What are his hidden motives and do they ever go against his core beliefs?

In Manga, they did show a brief discussion of Jiren and his ultimate faith in Justice that we already acknowledged being a pride trooper. Except he didn’t want to join originally and Belmod needed to use the Dragon Balls as an attraction which of course sets up this situation of Toppo standing over Jiren in the special advising him to fight to his content to attain the Super Dragon Balls. You see Jiren isn’t there to battle to prevent his Universe from being erased if it meant others must be wiped.

He was okay with letting the cards fall and be dealt the hand of being erased while staying on protecting until that day arrives. However, Jiren is there at the tournament for the Super Dragon Balls which is his Purpose.

Don’t let his meditation and lack of expressions fool you there is more to Jiren then has been displayed. Another concern about his meditation which was the discussion of the tournament and the grand priest saw daring, and many fans thought wow this guy is a mistake letting Goku stay in there on the arena.

Well if we view what Jiren is preparing then it wasn’t a delusion but planned. Jiren isn’t recovering his stamina from his fights or needs this meditation to charge up his power. I believe he is doing a form of meditative exercise called Zazen which in quick means Jiren is allowing his brain go to think about the past, present, and future at the equivalent time. He is thinking about every probability that could occur while being present right there on the stage. Jiren is a being that does, in fact, have the power to transcend time.

Jiren isn’t just this beyond great obstacle Goku has to succeed. He is this new character that has just shown us the tip of the iceberg and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Jiren isn’t just waiting or making an error as many think but actually planning for every possible scenario that could happen right in front of everyone. Jiren’s beliefs and the reason he has to perform them to attain the Super Dragon Balls will start to show through.

We soon will learn why Jiren can’t be thought of in the practical sense. Why he is a being of little words and why his sole purpose at the tournament is the Super Dragon Balls.


The Best Gohan and Piccolo Throwback In Latest Episode

This is one of the episodes that makes me really appreciate this series being what it is despite some of its faults. There were so much compassion and care put into this that I cannot help but feel roaring emotions that I feel satisfied every single ounce of my nostalgia for the old dragon ball, and appreciation for the growth of some of these characters.

I really like Pirina and Saonel choreography and specially Pirana’s mouth ki blasts. They solidified them as one of my favorites. Also, the explanation they gave to their laying low made a lot of sense. However, it sucks we couldn’t see more of them.

As the last two competitors of Universe 6, Pirina and Saonel became desperate to stay alive. It was then shown that the two of them were really the result of the fusion within many of Universe 6’s Namekians.

They were remaining until later in the tournament to settle their power, and with that power boost suddenly meant Gohan and Piccolo were in much more struggle.

Because of this, Piccolo was surprised by their capability. Stuck in the inner world of his mind, he had been filled with the sights of many desperate Namekians and thus lost the lead against Pirina. Seeing this, Gohan instead took the lead and claimed…..



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