After seeing a little of what Jiren is capable of in the back to back episodes this past weekend, it got me wondering “just how can this behemoth of a fighter actually be defeated?”.

It seems like a head on battle with force and power will not work unless you have the power of a God of Destruction or an Angel, and higher. Then I started thinking and came up with a few theories of my own. So let’s talk about the possible ways Jiren can be defeated in the Tournament of Power!

Theory #1: Over load his Senses!
This is one of my favorites! It has been shown that Jiren has sense’s that are basically second to none, and definitely the best sense’s in the Tournament! From knowing where the blocks for the Tournament Stage were going, to knowing how much energy to hit someone with, and knowing where attacks are coming from to block them! This is what led me to think “Over load Jiren’s sense’s!”. It makes perfect sense, distract Jiren by over loading his sense’s with an attack like “Solar Flare” or something of the sorts. Also by making noise, maybe by shooting a barrage of ki blasts around him? This could be the key to over whelming Jiren and getting the upper hand!

Theory #2: The Strongest Fighters of ALL Universe’s unite!

This is another theory that could potentially work! All the Universe’s left participating realize there is no one that can take Jiren out of this Tournament alone. Coming to the conclusion that Jiren has this won, the other Universe’s come together in order to take on the remaining 3 members of the Pride Troopers from Universe 11! Yes, we are shown Hit fighting Jiren, but could Hit really eliminate Jiren on his own when Goku bests Hit every time? Believe me, it will be an amazing fight between Hit and Jiren, but Jiren won’t be going anywhere for a while!

Theory #3: The Miraculous FUSION!

Yes, I needed to throw this in here! Now before I get the normal replies of “Potara is an outside item which is illegal” or “Vegeta doesn’t know the Fusion Dance” let me explain something first! First off, we know when faced with someone as strong as Jiren which could arguably be the strongest opponent we have seen Goku and the other’s face besides Beerus.. Also when faced with a fighter of Jiren’s magnitude and the existence of our World is on the line Vegeta would put his pride on the side.. But I’m not talking about Vegeta!

I’m talking about Goku and.. Gohan! All the way back in Dragon Ball Z, Goku when armed with the Potara Earrings to fight Majin Buu, Goku was looking for Gohan to fuse with! Goku didn’t know Gohan was taken by Majin Buu.

That’s what led Goku to fuse with Vegeta seeing how he was the only one worth fusing with! Now, there has been a lot of focus on Goku and Gohan together! All through out Super we have seen Goku and Gohan spar and battle, Goku talk about “going to the top together” with Gohan, and the outro with Goku and Gohan together rushing!

So these are my thoughts on how Jiren could be eliminated IF he does end up being eliminated. What do you think? How will Jiren be eliminated? If you don’t think Jiren will be eliminated why not? Keep the conversation going by leaving your thoughts and opinions in the comments down below! As always, thanks for joining the conversation!

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  1. Gohan is so weak right now they would probably lose strength upon fusing since goku had to match his power to gohans before the fusion dance would work.

    • Definitely possible but I wouldn’t say Gohan is weak right now. He’s no “Ultra Instinct” but the fact Gohan was able to keep up with Goku in Blue form with Kaioken says something. And that fusion would be incredible..

  2. Honestly theory three is possible, I highly think it would be best if all the saiyans give Goku energy to perfect his new form, just like when he was fighting in GT….. if that or the fusion doesn’t work I guess someone has to prove that they are cheating or eliminate them self to eliminate the Gray

  3. My theory is maybe piccolo learns a technique from the other universe nameks and with a new power and how strategic piccolo fights it would be a game changer I definitely would be excited bout that big piccolo fan

    • I know what you mean, I as well really like Piccolo and love that they found a way to have him relevant for the Tournament of Power! Let’s hope Piccolo’s role doesn’t change after the Tournament and he continues to be relevant!

  4. The only reason Goku was looking to fuse with Gohan was because vegeta was dead at the time. So that’s not a viable fusion, nor would they do it. Vegeta DOES know the fusion dance because in the Janemba arc while both vegeta and goku were dead, goku taught it to him. So there.

    • So there? What are you 3? Just cause someone has a different theory or idea doesn’t mean you need to throw a temper tantrum… But to prove my point. Gohan fusing with Goku is still a viable option no matter what the reason was for back in Z, the thought was still there, and we all know Super is built on nostalgia and bringing stuff back from the past. Vegeta COULD know the fusion dance by, oh I don’t know by WATCHING Goten and Trunks when they have done it a dozen times in front of Vegeta.. Knowing Jiren will allow an opponent to reach full potential, he would allow the fusion to be mastered before fighting them.. Just not to be so closed minded to possibilities.. You’ll find there is a much better world out there if you did!


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