The Grand Priest is one of the strongest characters in the Dragon Ball franchise. When it comes to combat, he is certainly the strongest, and in terms of rank, he is second only to Zeno. He has been an important character ever since he was introduced, and right now, he’s supervising the Tournament of Power.

So, let me get straight to the point, even though he’s an Angel, and looks to be on the side of Zeno, many people think he’s actually evil, and that he’s planning something. This isn’t surprising, really. I think it might be true, and a lot of people believe that he has an ulterior motive. Just looking at him gives you a strange feeling. That guy gives off an ominous feeling.

The Tournament of Power was announced to us by the Grand Priest. Apparently, Zeno decided that there were too many Universes to look after and that the weak ones should just be erased. So the Universes with a lower Mortal level were going to be erased. But, then, Goku came along, and he was the one who had previously suggested an idea of a multiverse Tournament.

Hence, the Tournament of Power was held. Now, here’s where it gets interesting. It could be that the Tournament of Power actually has an ulterior motive that is favorable to the Grand Priest. This idea was put forward by ForneverWorld, and he believes that the erased Universes are actually not being erased at all.

Instead, they are sent to someplace where they can do nothing but add to the power of the Grand Priest. In other words, the Grand Priest is multiplying his own power by using the power of the erased Universes. Now, a big question would be, why would he do so? And there’s an interesting answer. The reason behind this is that he isn’t ready to take on someone from the remaining Universes that are not included in the Tournament of Power.

Universe 11 has someone like Jiren, and Universe 7 has Goku, both of which are at the level of the Gods of Destruction (Goku will be when he masters UI). So, think about it. There are Universes with an even higher mortal level out there. It is easily possible that there is someone stronger than Jiren out there. Maybe this person is even stronger than the Angels, and that’s why the Grand Priest needs more power. It certainly is an interesting theory!


DBS SPOILERS: Vegeta’s Fate In Tournament of Power

Hey everyone! Today, I wanna talk about Vegeta, and his fate in the Tournament of Power. In the last episode, we saw how Universe 2, and Universe 6 got eliminated, and this led to their Erasure. However, there are still 4 Universes left, and there’s no time to stop for our Universe 7 warriors.

The next episode of Dragon Ball Super, Episode 119, is going to be focused on Universe 4, and their attack on Universe 7 warriors most of whom are tired already. From the preview, it was clear that almost everyone from Universe 7 was fighting Universe 4, and this includes Vegeta. It seems Vegeta is going to deal with Katopesla from Universe 3 first, and later turn his attention to the warriors from Universe 4. But, things don’t really look too well for him.

From the preview, it almost seemed like Vegeta was getting eliminated from the Tournament of Power. One of the members of Universe 4, who is invisible, is going to force him off the ring, and will likely try to eliminate him. Many people have been jumping to the conclusion that Vegeta is going to be eliminated. This claim is further backed up by the spoiler that a member from Universe 7 will be eliminated, which is obviously going to be a huge blow to them.

While most people do think it is Vegeta. I digress. Vegeta is not going to be eliminated here, for various reasons. But, the most important reason of them all is that we have a confirmation from Toshio himself. Toshio is one of the writers behind Dragon Ball Super anime, and he has written a certain episode about Vegeta we will get in December or January.

This episode is going to feature Vegeta in the Tournament of Power, and basically, what he said was, he drew Vegeta being cool. So, we haven’t got the Vegeta episode yet.

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