Is Frieza Going To Become The Good Guy?


After watching, and re-watching the past few episodes of Dragon Ball Super, and really paying attention to the happenings of Goku and Frieza a big question/wonder wouldn’t leave my mind… “Is Goku slowly changing Frieza?!”…

Now I know this would be really hard to grasp, after all, it’s Frieza and all Frieza has ever known is death, chaos, and destruction also wanting Goku dead! As I watched the parts with Frieza over and over, he started to remind me of someone who originally wanted Goku dead but is now an ally… Vegeta!

So could Goku’s natural charm be really working on the “Space Tyrant” Frieza? Looking back from when Goku first picked up Frieza from Baba’s and their back and forth feud to now is basically “day and night” the complete opposite! Frieza and Goku were going back and forth with hits and witty retorts like they were ready to fight any minute. It seemed like they were ready to start from where they left off in the “Revival of F” Arc. Leading up to the Tournament of Power, it seemed as if Frieza was all about himself, and didn’t care about the fate of Universe 7… Was all that just an act?

Looking at Goku’s and Frieza’s interactions now, Frieza has a very “Vegeta likeness” to him now! Could Frieza have come to the same realization Vegeta did?! In the “Revival of F” Arc, Frieza offers Vegeta a deal in order to kill Goku and Vegeta replies “As much as I would love to take this idiot out, I need him! He pushes me to new strengths”. After hearing that, and spending much needed time in hell, could Frieza realized what Vegeta was saying is true!? Goku being the character he is, he is strong, charismatic, and willing to fight anyone! You always see Goku surpass his enemies regardless of how high the bar is set. Could this way of life Goku leads be a reason Goku can achieve new heights when needed? Are character like Vegeta and even Frieza catching on to this?

Let’s look at the past… Goku has officially been able to change almost all of his enemies he has ever fought! From Tien, Piccolo, Vegeta and even Beerus! Is it that much of a stretch to say Goku is slowly breaking down Frieza the same way? Frieza could have seen the benefits of having Goku as someone who pushes him farther to become stronger… It seems since Frieza reached this new “Gold Form” he has been a little more focused on power. Maybe Frieza realized the best way to do that is to use Goku the same way Vegeta did…

What are your thoughts? Do you think Goku is slowly changing and breaking down Frieza like he did with Vegeta? Or is this just Frieza in “self-preservation” mode? Keep the conversation going by leaving what you think might happen in the comments down below! As always, thanks for joining the conversation!


Is This The Last Time We Will See Gohan?

As I wander through posts, discussions, and other media referring to Dragon Ball one thing I see pretty much all the time is “Will this be the last time Gohan has his moment?”. Let us be real, up until the Tournament of Power was announced and Gohan came to the realization that “he needs to train in order to protect his family”, and had Piccolo re-train him, he hasn’t had the greatest showing in Super…

This is what led a lot of the fans in the Dragon Ball Community wondering about Gohan and what role he could potentially play in upcoming Episodes of Dragon Ball Super! As we all know, it seems as if Super is not going anywhere anytime soon with rumors and hints pointing to a total of 700 Episodes and possibly 3 more movies, let’s talk about Gohan’s potential role in the future of Super!

Gohan has mostly been a fan favorite ever since being introduced at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z. When it was revealed that Gohan had a special potential inside of him, his popularity blew up! From exploding out of a “space pod” in order to help his dad and land the first relevant hit on Radditz, to achieving Super Saiyan by willpower alone to arguably his biggest feat – Obtaining Super Saiyan 2 before anyone and blowing Perfect Cell away!


Up until the end of Dragon Ball Z, Gohan was a very relevant character. For some reason in both Super and GT (yes I know GT is NOT canon, nor relevant just using it as an example) they both made Gohan weaker and less…



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