Kefla only appeared briefly in the Tournament of Power, but she nevertheless left a big impact on the stage. One of Kefla’s biggest impact is her help in making Goku’s Ultra Instinct stronger. Another one is the use of fusion in the Tournament of Power. The big question right now is that, will there be another Potara Fusion, or any other fusion, in the Tournament of Power?

The answer is not clear at this moment since Kefla just fell out of the stage. Just like what they did in the past, Dragon Ball Super will shift their focus on another character after a major threat has vanished. Fortunately, or unfortunately, they decided to shift their focus to Universe 2 and Ribrianne. And to top that, Universe 7’s Android will be taking the spotlight away from Goku in the next episode.

It seems like all the Universe 7 guys will be busy in the next episode. Piccolo will be dealing with his fellow Namekians, the two Androids will help Goku to deal with the dirty fighting of Universe 2, and Frieza will still ignore Katopesla. It seems like the majority of the Universe 7 is being in the spotlight again. Akira Toriyama seems to have plans for all of them, well, except Gohan and Vegeta. So why the hell can they just fuse or something?

Of course, Vegeta might not like that idea, and Gohan might not catch the Potara. Still, they have all the reason to go and try fusion. Why? Because when you think about it, Vegito might not be possible in the Tournament of Power. Not because it is prohibited, but Goku is not in the right state to do fusion. Even though he became more powerful, his stamina is still at risk and his body might give up.

The name of the fusion might be in the lines of Vegehan or Goheta, who knows? But right now, Vegeta and Gohan’s fusion is more powerful than Vegito. It can be remembered that before Vegito was able to fight Zamasu, he needed to eat a Senzu bean. If Goku and Vegeta fuse at this time, you’ll get a very tired Vegito/

This fusion will also make it possible for Goku to take a rest and learn his Ultra Instinct. While Vegehan or Goheta hold Jiren up, Goku should watch and learn from his mistakes. How will Vegehan be able to hold Jiren off? By using double wits from Gohan and Vegeta.

Vegehan can also utilize the Mystic Form and Super Saiyan Blue together, bringing out the real potential of the form. In this case, we might see a warrior that can use a form equivalent to the mastered  Super Saiyan Blue.

Goku and Jiren’s fight is obviously the finisher of this arc. And to have a chance to beat Jiren, Goku needs the stamina to carry on. Vegehan is I think the most plausible option right now to buy Goku time. Unless, Frieza decided to join in, of course.



One Huge Thing Everyone Missed From This Week’s Dragon Ball Super Episode

Dragon Ball Super Episode 116 dropped this week, and I think most fans were satisfied with what they saw. Last week, we saw the battle between Goku and Kafla heating up, and it finally reached a point where Goku could no longer keep up with Kafla or her powers. Even though Goku went blue, he couldn’t do much against her, which caused an outrage among the fans.

Dragon Ball Super November 2017 Schedule

Even though Goku was powered up by the multipliers of Kaio-ken, he still couldn’t do any serious damage to Kafla. This week, Kafla showed the ability to take her powers even beyond her limits, and she achieved Super Saiyan 2! But, unfortunately, she was up against Goku, the central figure in the Tournament of Power. There was no way Goku would lose here, and that’s what happened.

At the right moment, Goku awakened the power of Ultra Instinct yet again, and this helped him deal with Kafla. But, that’s not what I’m here to talk about. During Goku’s fight against Kafla, we saw that Vegeta was paying close attention. Vegeta was last seen fighting against Toppo, but we know that stopped midway, and instead, Vegeta was observing Goku. In the end he came to the conclusion that he too should be able to do Ultra Instinct, because let’s face it he and Goku have gone through the same training.

In fact, Vegeta has trained under Whis for longer. So, anything Goku can do, Vegeta should be able to do as well. From the spoilers of Dragon Ball Super 117, we know that Vegeta will try using Ultra Instinct, but fail.

However, that’s not going to be it for Vegeta. I know….




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