Howdy Everyone.Tournament Of Power is getting more fascinating by every passing minute. However, Toei Animation is doing fanservice a lot lately, with Vegeta getting the new form in next episode 123 to Frieza using cheap tricks to trying to eliminate Dyspo. Recently, we got some spoilers of episode 124. With confirmation that Gohan is going to be in a critical condition. I would like to thank Herms98 from Twitter for the translations. So let’s get started.

According to the spoilers of episode 124 ( “Gohan fights with his back to the wall” ) which means that Gohan is confined in a tough spot and there is only one way for Gohan to survive that is to win or it’ll be the end of him.  It is totally clear that the spoilers are referring to Toppo Vs Gohan, as Dyspo is busy fight Frieza and Jiren are fight one hell of the battle with Goku and Vegeta, so there’s only one warrior left Toppo.

You guys would think that Gohan doesn’t stand a chance against a guy like Toppo who is next in line to be that God Of Destruction of Universe 11 and you maybe right that technically he doesn’t stand a chance but we are talking about Dragon Ball and in the Dragon Ball Universe anything can happen no one knows for sure.

I personally think that Gohan will somehow manage to handle Toppo maybe with the help of Android 17, I think that because according to the spoilers of 125 ( “God Of Destruction Toppo Appears ! Pure Overwhelming Power !!’ ) sources think that this maybe referring to some kind of need power or full power of Toppo, But the thing is if Gohan is not putting up a good fight why would Topic need to use his full power, this can only mean that Gohan somehow managed to bring Toppo on his knees.

But, as the spoilers of episode 125 states that ( ” God Of Distruction Toppo Appears ! Pure Overwhelming Power !” ), These spoilers of episode 125 says ” God Of Distruction Toppo ” but I assure you that it doesn’t mean Toppo is going to promoted to God Of Distruction, according to KenXyro it is just referring to God Of Distruction candidate Toppo, but still it might be possible that Toppo might actually reveal his true power and show everyone why he is next in line to become God Of Distruction of Universe 11.

Now the thing is Toppo fighting in full power will be a real pain for Gohan and he will surely had to take help for someone maybe Android 17 or Frieza, as sources think that Dyspo will be eliminated in the end of episode 124. But personally, I don’t think that Gohan will be the one who defeats Toppo, it’ll be someone else or might be a team effort.

Thanks For Reading, Stay tuned for more.


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