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Frieza’s Hidden Plan And Fate In ToP

As the end of the Tournament of Power draws near, Frieza will soon be forced to engage in a significant battle to help the Universe 7 win the tournament.

Frieza has not only been watching every situation inside the arena but also to what the Gods are speaking in the stands to formulate a plan to come out on top and use the Super Dragon Balls. Apparently, this is a big task ahead of him, but no one has even thought about confronting him. Dyspo had an opportunity and said I couldn’t handle Frieza. So this puts Frieza in a great spot to see his evil scheme through.

Well, he is nearly there as our favorite fact-finding villain has been solving out a way to deal with Jiren and pit the left opponents against each other so he can save energy for a pivotal moment.  Well, it is very near as we are down to three Universes left.  Once again another Universe is going to show their trump card against Universe 7, but we have seen how that turns out to anyone who has tried.  However, Frieza isn’t involved at all in any of it.

Frieza knows Vegeta more than anyone and his honor to be the strongest and can get him to battle Jiren and take the brunt of that fight while he stays to work on his master plan.

If this occurs then, Frieza couldn’t be in a more significant spot to win as he will talk with Goku about apparent weaknesses Jiren has and getting with an idea to show them. Then from here is where the tournament will indeed be an exciting fight.

Most Dragon Ball Super fans must be craving to see the battle between Golden Frieza and Jiren. Frieza is the exact reverse of Jiren. While Frieza is recognized as one of the monstrous characters in Dragon Ball, Jiren has a large heart and a real fighter of justice as presented in DBS manga.

Frieza is the type of mortal Jiren dislikes the most. His evil character could be enough to turn him to fight Frieza in the Tournament. However, it remains doubtful if his potential battle against Jiren will lead to his death. As shown in the manga, Jiren has never killed an opponent despite holding a God-like power.

Dragon Ball Super writer Toshio may have indicated his undesirable fate in the Tournament. Toshio said that he likes to bring references from Toriyama’s Dragon Ball manga. Following his tweet, he also posted a picture of Son Goku, and Vegeta wherein Goku said that while Vegeta dies with a halo in his head, he will be erased entirely from the world.


A New Main Character Is Coming To Dragon Ball Super

Hey guys. I have got some pretty awesome news for you all. For the past few days, everyone is hyped about Vegeta vs Jiren and possibly Vegeta being able to master Ultra Instinct. The news about both of these things happening broke out four or five days ago.

Today we have got some very important news as well. According to DB Heroes, we will be receiving a new character in the series. It was revealed by KenXyro on Twitter that Dragon Ball Super could be getting a brand new character—
“I believe this is from DB Heroes, that blank card says that “This character is yet to appear in the anime.”
A new character is appearing in the anime, I guess?” —@KenXyro
Here is the photo which KenXyro was talking about—

If you have now seen the photo for confirmation, you will arrive at a pretty simple conclusion and that would be, Dragon Ball Super will be getting a new character. There were several rumours that Cell would be returning in the series but as it turned out that it was just a flashback. However, could this be a possible foreshadowing of Cell’s return in Dragon Ball Super?

We have already seen Freiza returning to Dragon Ball Super as a member of Universe 7’s team for the Tournament of Power. So, I wouldn’t count out the return of Cell in the future of the series. But again it’s just a possibility. There is always the possibility of an entirely different character appearing the series. We can never rule out the possibility of getting a totally new character.

There has been a lot of talk about a possible new upcoming arc in Dragon Ball Super. But there has been no news about it as of now. The finale of the Tournament of Power has really piqued my interest in the series and I will definitely be looking forward to seeing what really happens at the end of the series.
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