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What Is Frieza Going To Do To Goku – Explained

Aside from the epic battle between Goku and Jiren, finally seeing a little of what Jiren is capable of besides a little Ki blast, and seeing this Ultra Instinct Technique Goku pulled out of nowhere. One of the shocking things to happen in the back to back episodes was the end of Episode 110 when Frieza grabbed Goku!

This brought back a lot of memories of Dragon Ball Z, having Goku and Frieza go back and forth. This time is interesting tho cause its Goku who is vulnerable and in a bad spot where Frieza has the upper hand! Knowing the character of Frieza there could be a list of things that Frieza could do to the wounded, and weakened Saiyan! So let’s talk about it!Theory #1: Frieza roughs Goku up further!
Now, anyone that likes Frieza and pays attention to how he REALLY is in the show and his movie is that Frieza is a really evil, petty, manipulative character! Also, couldn’t hate anything more in existence then Goku! Freiza would do anything to get his revenge on Goku for not just 1 beat down but 2! With this new power of Golden, and Goku in the shape he is in Frieza certainly has the upper hand to get a little revenge on Goku but not enough to kill him, or eliminate him!

Theory #2: Frieza wounds Goku leaving him to another Universe!
Frieza has been shown to have even more confidence then usual! Frieza has always been one of those characters that was overly confident of his strength and power, but who could blame him being a prodigy! Having the power Frieza had back on Namek without training a day in his life was unbelievable to hear! So it wouldn’t be too big of a stretch to see Frieza wounding Goku even further making it easier for other Universe’s to eliminate him, with Frieza thinking he can win the entire Tournament with his Golden Form!

Theory #3: Frieza gives Goku Energy!
Yes, you herd it right! Frieza could possibly give Goku energy! Why you may ask? Well even tho Frieza has confidence in his newly mastered Golden Form, he may not feel so confident after seeing a little of what Jiren is capable of! Goku has always found a way to best Frieza and that’s what started this rivalry between Goku and Frieza. Maybe seeing someone like Jiren best Goku startled Frieza and he knows Goku is needed in order to eliminate Jiren in order to win!

So this is my take on what Frieza could do to Goku. What are your thoughts? What do you think Frieza will do to Goku and why? Keep the conversation going by leaving your opinions and thoughts in the comments down below! As always, thanks for joining the conversation!


No One Noticed U6 Namekians In The Last Dragon Ball Super Episode

The latest back to back episodes was mainly focused on Goku vs Jiren, and the power that Jiren has, and also Goku’s new power as well! It was a huge moment in the Dragon Ball Community when Goku was able to use the “Ultra Instinct” technique and seeing the reactions from the God’s to Goku’s ability to use this even for a brief moment!

Was there something else that happened that we should of noticed? It seems in the last episode we catch a small glimpse of the Universe 6 Namekians! We finally got a shot of them on screen, and I personally cannot wait to see what their like and what their capable of! Yeah, many can say their just Namekians and if you look at other Namekians besides Piccolo from our Universe their really nothing special.. Would they really be picked for the Tournament of Power if they didn’t have something to offer..


Any Dragon Ball fan with high curiosity has been thinking about these Namekians from Universe 6 since they were leaked being on the Team for Universe 6! Personally, the mystery around these Namekians is if there a lot like Piccolo, aside from the regeneration. Are these Universe 6 Namekians going to be evil, good, somewhere in the middle? Also, would they have a back story? Everyone else from Universe 6 that has shown to be significant like Hit, Kale, Caulifla, and Cabba we have been shown back story.. Will these Namekians from the same Universe play the same role or importance?

Hopefully, these Universe 6 Namekians are not shown to be weak, petty characters of no real importance. There has been a lot of mystery around these characters, and the writers have waited a long time to have these Namekians from Universe 6 be shown on screen. So hopefully we see something good out of these characters and….


Written by Nate Zen

Nate Zen

I have been an anime for almost 30 years now and a fan of nearly all genres, You will often find me writing about creepier side of the anime. You can get in touch with me at [email protected]


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  1. Another option that could happen is that other universes see Goku in the state that he is in and try to take advantage leaving Frieza to DEFEND Goku against their attacks. This is my opinion of what may happen in the next episode. At the very end it appears that Frieza shoots a death beam at Goku but could he be shooting at someone else? We might see Frieza defend Goku long enough for him to recover.

    • That’s a really good thought! To be honest I never thought of Frieza protecting Goku haha! Especially cause when Goku is featured next Kale and Caulifla protect Goku. But still a really good thought!!

  2. Plz tell me. I really love dbs and I cant live without it. There r some rumours that after the tournament of power, dragonball super will end. Plz confirm and tell me. Im really upset:(

    • I can help sort this out for you man. So when people are referring to Dragon Ball Super ending is because the writers have confirmed that the Series Dragon Ball Super is happening just after the Buu Arc but before the End of Z. So after the end of the Tournament of Power, we will be reaching the end of Z. After that I believe Super will continue on with new story after the end of Z. I hope this helped and if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask!

  3. did anyone notice that Kakunza was back on the tournament floor. Didn’t Android 17 eliminate her? Why all of a sudden is she back at the beginning of episode 109 when she helped raise the Baton and gave power to RiBrianne

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No One Noticed U6 Namekians In The Last Dragon Ball Super Episode

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