Howdy everyone, What’s up? I got an amazing news, and it’s especially for all Vegeta fans out there; Yep, as the title says. The writer of Dragon Ball Super, Toshio recently tweeted on Vegeta’s comeback. It isn’t the first time someone commented on Vegeta’s comeback. Previously, the story writer of Dragon Ball Heroes said, “Vegeta has not gotten serious yet”

As we know, More than half of the Tournament of Power is already over, the time left is 21 minutes; The last one standing will get his/her universe spared from being destroyed and get a chance to wish through the Super dragon balls. Most of the nuisance-causing warriors are already eliminated except for Ribrianne and few more warriors.

dragon ball super episode 114

Recently, Dragon Ball Super aired its 114th episode, featuring the Potara fusion between one berserk super Saiyan and a normal Saiyan which resulted in Kefla; Despite the fact that it’s Kale and Caulifla’s fusion, Kefla resembles more of Caulifla’ personality and overconfidence. Kefla also retains Caulifla’s overweening attitude.

And, it is also confirmed that Goku will attain ‘Ultra Instinct’ again and soon in Dragon Ball Super (Episode 116). However, his eyes will start turning silver in Episode 115; As it is revealed in the latest synopsis by Dragon Ball Super’s staff.

Now, let’s head back to Toshio’s tweet on ‘Bringing Vegeta back’

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Toshio said, “I finished writing a Cool Vegeta; Ok, let’s sleep” And it generally takes 3-4 months animating the paperwork into screen work. Or, the story into animation. So we might see Vegeta’s comeback in January or February (Maximum to maximum). So, what kind of comeback are we really going to see? A mastered Super Saiyan Blue? Ultra Instinct? Or, A new form?

As we all know, that Toppo has a form/Ki (which was shown in the manga) taught by Vermouth (The god of destruction of their Universe) as Toppo is the God of Destruction candidate for Universe 11. And, that’s why we should not underestimate him.

His powers were said to be the strongest after Jiren in their Universe and somehow, his power rival to that of his god of Destruction. Which means, he will give a tough competition to Vegeta. However, it won’t be enough to take down Vegeta. Sure, Vegeta is hiding something. But what? Let’s find it in the episode where we will see a “cool Vegeta” till then I can’t comment anything on this topic.

As much as I know, There’s a possibility that Vegeta will eliminate Toppo and go for a chance to fight Jiren. Whatsoever, his powers won’t be enough to eliminate or tackle Jiren. So later on, he will just get eliminated by Jiren. This is the perfect way to get him eliminated and he will get a chance to show his true powers (Against Toppo).

Toppo vs Vegeta is going to be a fight on another level. I mean, everyone noticed that Vegeta is surprisingly calm from the beginning of Tournament of Power. Well, it isn’t because he just meditated in the Time Chamber. It’s because he is indeed hiding something up his sleeves. And, we might see that after some episodes in Dragon Ball Super. I mean, after the studio animate the story written by the story-writers.

What do you guys think? Is Vegeta really hiding something up his sleeves or is it just a bluff?; Let me know in the comment section.

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