Hey guys. In the recent episode, we witnessed the elimination of two Universes from the Tournament of Power. The universes to be eliminated were Universe 2 and Universe 6. It was really shocking to see Universe 6 to eliminated especially Champa’s last moments with his brother, Beerus was eye-watering. However our topic for discussion is different, we are here to talk about Gokū and his Ultra Instinct. Gokū has triggered Migatte no Gokui not one but two times.

The fans have been really anxious to see Gokū using the form once again. However, it might take some time before Gokū is able to achieve his Ultra Instinct form again. As we know that in the most recent episode Gokū fended off the assault from Universe 2’s three fighters. However, he was not alone and he was aided by Android 17 and Android 18. He used Super Saiyan Blue and a Kamehameha to finish off the three fighters. After their elimination, Frieza is shown to be watching Gokū. As we know that Freeza intends to use Gokū as his trump card in order to win against the stronger fighters. Frieza also mentioned that Gokū didn’t go Ultra Instinct this time.

Whis suggested that Gokū couldn’t use Ultra Instinct again because of the tremendous stress that has been placed on Gokū’s body. Gokū’s body is slowing becoming more and more apt to fight in tougher conditions. So, the threshold required to achieve the ultra instinct form is considerably more. In order to achieve the form yet again, Gokū would require having more stress placed on his body. The first time Gokū used ultra instinct was against Jiren from Universe 11.

That time the spirit bomb acted as the key to breaking the shell. The second time that we witnessed Migatte no Gokui was against Kefla from Universe 6. In both of these situations, a lot of stress was placed on Son Gokū’s body. A popular fan theory speculates that Gokū is actually drawing energy from the World of Void.

The fact Goku now must struggle harder for Ultra Instinct is a good inclusion as it provides balance because if Gokū was using the Ultra Instinct form, again and again, the others might as well call it quits and eliminate themselves.


How Can All The Erased Universes Be Revived Without Angering Zeno?— Explained

Hey guys. As we saw in Dragon Ball Super Episode 119, that two more Universes kicked the bucket. Universe 2 and Universe 6 have been erased after losing all of their fighters. Ever since the beginning of the Tournament of Power, there were speculations that the Super Dragon Balls would be used to bring back. However, with the speculation of revival, there was also the speculation of Zeno getting mad at the revival of the Universes.

A new theory has appeared in Reddit, which tackles this problem. So, today I’m going to analyze this theory. Let’s begin. First and foremost, one thing is different about Dragon Ball Super than its predecessors and that is the continuity between the arcs. Secondly, the new characters have interesting designs as well as quite intriguing backgrounds. So, it’s very likely that their erasure is temporary and these erased universes will come back. But how?
The super dragon balls are the obvious answer.

However, as we know that Zeno held the whole tournament because there were too many universes, resurrecting the universes would mean going against his wishes. So, how can they effectively use the Dragon Balls without angering Zeno? There has been a suggestion of merging all the Universes with Universe 7. The writer of this theory disagrees with this particular suggestion. Merging universes would cause a lot of confusion. Not only among the people living but also among the Gods. It would be mean that only the God of Universe 7 will remain.
I’ll let his post do the rest of the talking—
“I think the answer has already been foreshadowed. In the Manga, it was shown that Zeno decided on the tournament while playing with F. Zeno. This means it would not have happened if not for the F.Trunks arc. At the end of that arc, our original timeline has 2 Zenos, the one F.Trunks moves to has 1, and his original has no Zenos whatsoever. This would be a perfect place to wish the destroyed universes back to – the only active divine being are likely the Grand Priest and Zeno’s guards if they remain active without a Zeno at all.”

“As for the extent of destruction loosed on F.Trunks original timeline, that remains to be seen. We know F.U7 was destroyed and that all of the gods are dead in the others, but that’s all we know.
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