The hype for Dragon Ball Super’s ending is strong and fans are looking forward to seeing Mastered Ultra Instinct in action. There are only two episodes left and a minute and a half for the Tournament of Power. Of course, we still don’t want to end Goku’s journey right when he started to be the Super Saiyan God that Beerus always wanted. Oh well, at least we have that first Dragon Ball Super Movie.

Aside from the clue that the Dragon Ball Super movie will be about Yamoshi, the first Super Saiyan, we still don’t have a clue on how the story will go. Worry no more, Toei Animation released a key visual and release date for the movie. The new visual also reveal something interesting about the characters that will be in the movie. The new visual is the picture below.

The movie is slated to be released on December 14, 2018, and by the looks of it, new characters and well as new character designs will be available. Goku might be having to work with his ancient Power Pole again by the look of things. And the movie is revealed to continue the series after the Universal Survival arc. The movie will be a complete arc cramped together to form a movie.

So it’s like we will have to wait a little longer for an arc, but the wait would all be worth it. This makes watching Dragon Ball Super episode 131 crucial if you want to get spoiled before any official movie material comes up. Will they include Jiren and other characters in the movie? Are we gonna see a nod toward an Uub arc?

It is likely that if the movie is connected in the ending of the anime, we might see Universe 6′ revival. That’s because if the movie will run through the future, the only remaining Saiyan civilization is on Planet Sadala in Universe 6. It was hinted before by Toriyama that the new movie will be about the origin of the Super Saiyan.


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