Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Time Out


Dragon Ball super is heading to its end and many fans are disappointed by this fact. Even though, fans are enthusiastic to bid bye to an amazing series and wait for the upcoming December Movie. During this final week, the Dragon Ball Community is hit with some mind-boggling spoiler or some speculation. Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 is on its way and we will prove, whether these Speculation/Spoilers are true or not.

According to recent resources and spoilers, we come to know that we will be seeing a very fierce battle Goku and Jiren.Goku finally attained his newest and strongest form ‘Mastered Ultra Instinct’. After achieving this form Goku was seen outdoing Jiren very easily, but that won’t be same in Episode 130 as we have already seen that in the preview of Episode 130.

Most recent spoiler Dragon Ball Super Episode 130, would be full of breathtaking fight. spoilers are out courtesy of Todd Blakenship. According to his translation, Tournament of Power only has one minute and thirty seconds left.

We are all familiar with how time runs in Dragon Ball universe, so it is expected that the fight will be extended until the very last Dragon Ball Super Episode 130. Episode 130 is expected to feature Goku’s Mastered Ultra Instinct and Jiren’s powered up state. Frieza was confirmed to be under the rubble and unable to fight. He might not be able to do anything in the next episode, But surely will be spotted in Episode 131.

dragon ball super episode 130 131

Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 titled “A miraculous conclusion! Farewell Goku! Until the day we meet again!” has another astonishing summery. In Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 we will see Goku losing the battle and U7 on verge of extinction, but something strange will happen, that you can read here.

Ultra Instinct Goku

Either way, we will say goodbye to Goku and the others (hopefully just for a while). Beerus will also have a rather big revelation in the next episodes. According to also to Todd Blakenship’s translation, Beerus will reveal that Mastered Ultra Instinct might actually be stronger than him. Is this the rise of the Super Saiyan God that he’s been waiting for? This revelation hyped many fans for another Goku and Beerus rematch.


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