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Did Dragon Ball Super Episode 118 Just Revealed Next Universe That Will Get Erased?

Universe 2 is the universe that has the highest level of love in the whole multiverse. This can be seen through their interaction with each other and their weird speeches about love. Ribrianne herself mentions love in every sentence that she makes.

Surprisingly, they are the Universe that receives the least love from Dragon Ball Super fans. It is safe to assume that Universe 2 is the least favorite of all the Universes participating in the TOurnament of Power. And with all due respect, Ribrianne is the one who cathches all the hate from the beginning till now.

Who wouldn’t get irritated when Ribrianne tried to attack Goku while he’s gathering energy for the spirit bomb? Who wouldn’t get enraged when Ribrinne ruined the start of Goku vs Jiren fight by saying some nonsense? And who wouldn’t say “wtf” when Ribrianne make weird poses?

Although Ribrianne is the most powerful Universe 2 warrior, she is no match for Goku’s base form even before Ultra Instinct. Ribrianne’s transformed winged state was also not effective, and this spells great trouble for Universe 2. Are they gonna be the next Universe that will be erased in the Tournament of Power?

It has been a while since a universe was erased in the tournament and it is about time to get started in erasing again. Even though the Zenos are still enjoying the show without too much drama, erasing a universe will make all the participants more desperate. And the perfect universe to get eliminated is Universe 2.

Why? Because the odds are against them at all the angles. Ribrianne, with her fondness of sending love to a weakened Goku, will be pitted against the androids in Episode 117 titled “Grand Love Showdown! Androids VS Universe 2” which will be aired on November 26.

universe 2 helles

This spells trouble for the Universe 2. It seems like Universe 2 will fight against the pair of the two Earth androids. Android 17 and Android 18 are two capable warriors and it seems like they will wipe out the whole Universe 2 because Episode 118 was titled “Accelerating Drama: A Universe Disappeared?”. And since it seems like they are fighting the whole Universe 2, there is a chance that this will be the episode where we will see Ribrianne for the last time.


Goku Just Got Even More Stronger

The dragon ball tradition has been that Goku is always the strongest no matter what. This is what he always aims for as well. Which explains why he always seeks to fight the strongest. He believes that he becomes strong through fighting guys stronger than him. Unlike Vegeta who believes in intense training only. Well Goku always makes the headlines since DBS began. Every new power or transformation comes with him and then the others just follows.

Powers like Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan blue and recently the ultra instinct, are all introduced through him. And now that he is in the tournament of power where he faces all the strongest guys in the participating universes. It is another stage for him to grow even stronger. If you have noticed what’s been happening, Goku gets stronger in the battle fields, while Vegeta gets stronger in the time chamber training in pursuit for Goku’s levels.

Goku’s ultra instinct fought evenly matched against Jiren, unfortunately he was unable to keep it for a long time which led to his defeat. An interesting thing is that even when Goku appears to be finished, he managed to put up a fight against Kale and Caulifla with just the amount of energy he received from Frieza.


Recovering his strength much quicker to even match against Kale’s most powerful forms. He even went further to super Saiyan 3, and no one else has ever shown such a quick recovery and gain in power.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 113

Right now Goku is just a fickle against Jiren. Which is why he finished him and decided to meditate until the tournament ends. Goku is growing stronger every minute in the tournament. Moving from super Saiyan God to Blue in no time.

And now that he is even faced with a much bigger threat, Kefla, this only calls for him to get even stronger than before. Goku seems to be barely keeping up with Kefla even in his blue form. He probably won’t win with just Blue alone. Kaio ken might prolong him but won’t assure victory.

So Kefla will push Goku to his limits again such that he might be only left with ultra instinct to rely on. So it will be a do or die moment for

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