Hey everyone! Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power is arriving to an interesting part, and with just 17 minutes to go, we’re about to get an intense battle that’s going to end with the erasure of one or multiple universes. Before I continue with the post, I wanna let you all know that this post will include heavy spoilers, and so if you don’t wanna be spoiled, I recommend you to not read the post.

But, if you don’t care about the spoilers, let’s continue. We already got some spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episode 117, and thanks to that, we know that Vegeta will try to emulate Goku’s Ultra Instinct Omen form, but will obviously fail, because it won’t be as hype when Goku enters it the next time.

Afterwards, he is going to be attacked by Katopesla from Universe 3. Earlier, we didn’t know the extent to which Vegeta was hurt. We did know that he’d try Ultra Instinct, and eventually, fail at it. However, now, from the leaked photos, we know that it is not that severe. So, Vegeta fans, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

He’s not seriously injured. We also know that some time from now, Vegeta will get his time to shine, so he’ll definitely get serious later on. I don’t think Katopesla will survive though. Vegeta will likely knock him out afterward. Further, the new set of photos also tell us that Goku won’t be completely exhausted after his battle with Kafla.

He won’t be able to transform, but he’ll be better than he was the last time. Universe 2 will make their move, and try to eliminate Goku because this will be the best time to get a strong warrior off-stage. However, we all know that Goku won’t be eliminated here. Other members from Universe 7 will soon come into action and save Goku. It looks like the Androids are set to take the spotlight. 17 will take on Rozie, and 18 will fight Ribrianne. Universe 2 will get erased very soon, in my opinion.

It looks as if Android 18 might be in trouble, so don’t be surprised if she gets eliminated. The preview images certainly suggest something might happen to her. Things certainly look interesting in the upcoming episodes. We know that episode 118 will see one universe getting erased in for Tournament of Power, so brace yourselves for some intense action in Dragon Ball Super 117, and 118.


The Biggest Plot Twist In The Tournament of Power!

Dragon Ball Super is currently in the Universe Survival Saga, where multiple Universes are fighting to for their own survival. 8 Universes, who had a low mortal level took part in the Tournament of Power, and only 6 remain now. With 17 minutes left, more than half of the Tournament is already over, and most of the fodder fighters have already been eliminated.

A few do remain, but they won’t last long because the Tournament will last for about 15 more episodes and that will be it. Right now, you could say that Universe 11 is the one that is likeliest to win, because of Jiren. He’s a total monster, and there’s nobody who can take him down as of now.

Before I continue, I wanna let you all know that this post will contain spoilers for Episode 117 and 118 of Dragon Ball Super, and maybe even further. Please continue at your own risk. If you’ve read the spoilers for the upcoming episodes, you should know that Universe 6 is on the brink of elimination, as they’ve lost Kafla, and Saonel and Pirina might be defeated by Gohan and Piccolo.

Piccolo hasn’t really been an important character in Super right now, but with the two Namekians from Universe 6 being introduced, you could see that there’s going to be something in it for Piccolo. Right now, Piccolo and Gohan have already engaged them in battle, and we haven’t seen much of that fight yet. Episode 118 of Dragon Ball Super focuses on this very fight, and we might be in for a huge plot twist there.

As we know, Piccolo already has fused with 2 Namekians. That’s 3 Namekians in one body. He has Nail, Kami, and himself. Now, I know Saonel and Pirina are strong, but who are we kidding? They won’t win the Tournament of Power. They’re definitely going to lose. But, why leave them there for so long, if they aren’t strong? I believe it has something to do with Piccolo. It took 5 Saiyans to transform Goku into a Super Saiyan God.

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