Hey guys. I’m here with rather interesting news about the ending of the Tournament of Power. We don’t have any time before the curtains come down on the much-awaited conclusion of the Tournament of Power. We are down to the final two Universes in the Tournament of power. Universe seven and Universe eleven have been the remaining two universes for quite some time now. However, the fight is reaching its climax.

Just four fighters remain in the Tournament of Power. Jiren is the sole survivor from Universe eleven. But, he still remains unfazed by the fact that, he’s outnumbered three to one. The most recent elimination was that of Android seventeen. According to the spoilers for the next episode, Vegeta will follow suit, and he will be eliminated from the Tournament of Power. This has left us with a huge question, can Universe seven really win the Tournament of Power? Normally, one would expect that Universe seven will probably falter, but it looks like Universe seven might actually be winning the tournament of power.

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