Hey everyone! Today, I want to tackle something really interesting about Zen’ou that has been on mind for a while now. Before I begin this post, I want to let you all know that this post is based on my opinion. It is a theory, and that’s all there is to it. If you don’t like reading theories, then i suggest you don’t continue. With that out of the way, let’s begin.

The main concern that I want to address in this post is Zen’ou. He was introduced in Dragon Ball Super during the Tournament of Destroyers, when Universe 6 took on Universe 7 in a bid to win the Super Dragon Balls. We were told that Zen’ou is really powerful, and that nobody comes even close. During the Black Saga, we saw the proof of that, as he proceeded to wipe out an entire timeline of Omniverse.

He did it like it was nothing. Along with Zen’ou, we were also introduced to the Daishinkan, or the Grand Priest. He was introduced shortly after Zen’ou. Now, the Grand Priest’s introduction was really weird. In a way, his job is the same as the Angels, who are all his children. The Angels are there to guide the Gods of Destruction. Similarly, the Grand Priest is there to guide Zen’ou.

He holds a very important job, and because of that, he is someone really powerful as well. But this certainly does get one thinking. If the Grand Priest is so similar to the Angels, then Zen’ou is like an OP version of the Gods of Destruction. He can destroy everything, but he doesn’t create life. We haven’t seen him do that so far.

So, this raises the question of who created everything? When you look at the lower pecking order, the Gods of Destruction are there to destroy, and the Kaioshin are there to create life. But they’re far weaker than the Hakaishin, and they cannot oppose Zen’ou at all. If Zen’ou’s job is to destroy, then there must be someone who creates Universes, or a multiverse as well.

As of now, this person hasn’t appeared in Dragon Ball Super. But, I have a feeling that this person will be the same as the one who created the Super Dragon Balls; Zalama. Zalama was a Ryuujin, and if he was able to create something as great as the Super Dragon Balls, which are planet-sized, and can grant anything without limits, then I think it is he who is t counterpart to Zen’ou. Whether he is alive or has a successor is unknown. Some clues on that would be of huge help.


The Biggest Plot Hole About ‘World of Void’ In ToP

Hey everyone! In today’s post, I want to talk about the World of Void. I think everyone knows what the World of Void is. But for those who don’t know, let me explain. The World of Void is a place where the Tournament of Power is being held. It is a place of Infinite nothingness. There literally is nothing there. There is no space, and no time. The only thing that exists there is the ring that was created for the Tournament of Power to be held.

Since the concept of time didn’t exist in the World of Void, the huge pillar was used to keep track of the duration of the Tournament of Power. When it was first revealed that the Tour Tournament of Power will have no time, lots of people were confused. But, has that really been the case? Is there really no time in the World of Void?

If there isn’t, then the world outside would be the same as it was when a person entered the World of Void. Literally no time should have passed outside. It should be like a Hyperbolic Time Chamber, only a billion times more powerful. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. Remember Universe 2? When they were erased, we found out something really interesting.

They had been broadcasting the Tournament of Power across their entire Universe. Everyone was cheering them on, and they watched the entire thing. This shouldn’t really have been possible, it there was no time in the World of Void. To the people in the World of Void, the people in Universe 2 should’ve looked like a picture. They shouldn’t be able to move or anything.

That’s not all. Hit being able to use Timeskip during the Tournament of Power was another interesting thing to notice. What does he skip if there is not it in the World of Void? Should his techniques be useless?

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