One of the biggest “back and forth’s” in the Dragon Ball Community was “who is stronger 17 or 18?”. For a while, we were made to believe 18 was stronger than her brother 17! We were told all throughout Dragon Ball Z, and even though Dragon Ball Super.

From 18 being the last to be absorbed by Cell to being older than 17 (not the first time age has explained strength, look at Goten and Trunks learning the Fusion Dance), and also just being told. Not to mention 18 threatens 17 like she can dominate him like a “Sister/Brother” rivalry usually goes!

In the latest 2 part episode showcasing episodes 109 and 110 which focuses on Goku vs Jiren, we may have finally gotten the answer to the debate “who is stronger, 18 or 17?” and it may shock you! Since Dragon Ball has been introduced the writers have attributed power to being able physically to see the fight. We see it constantly with the Z-fighters trying to keep up with such fights as Gohan vs Cell, Goku vs Beerus etc..

It’s a known fact by now that you need to have a certain amount of strength in order to keep up with a high powered battle such as those mentioned and now Goku vs Jiren with Goku’s newly awakened power! We are shown the Androids together talking about the fight. 18 mentions she’s having a hard time keeping up with the fight, and can’t tell who will win, and turns to her younger brother, 17 and asks “who he thinks will win?” and 17 replies “too early too tell”.

This tells me that 17 does in fact have the edge when it comes to battles and over all strength. Now this could be from 17 constantly training on the Island and 18 having slowed down after having a kid and being married to Krillin. Let’s face it, someone like 18 being next to Krillin would never feel the need to train in order to edge out her Husband! Keep in mind when Goku goes to Dende to get help locating 17 Dende makes sure to tell Goku “Good thing 17 isn’t in to destruction and carnage anymore, or we would all be in trouble!”. Dende saying that while knowing what Goku is capable of says a lot about the strength of Android 17!

What do you think? Do you think 17 is stronger than 18, or is 18 the better of the 2 Androids? Why do you think 17 or 18 is stronger? Let’s keep the conversation going by leaving your thoughts and opinions in the comments down below! As always, thanks for joining the conversation!


This Might Be The Reason Of Jiren’s Unbelievable Power!

Jiren is now the most powerful mortal in the whole multiverse. Even the Gods of Destruction who witnessed his power were very surprised by what they saw. And not only that, he appears to be something more than a God of Destruction. He might’ve been achieved something that only some have achieved.

Ultra Instinct is the state that was introduced in the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super. This is a state where a person doesn’t have to think twice or even once before attacking or blocking. A person who has achieved this form does not only attain strength on his fighting style, but it also enhances defense by accurate blocking and dodging.

Goku attained that in the Tournament of Power out of desperation for his life. He absorbed the Spirit Bomb and was able to reach that state that even the Gods cannot get easily. Though I am not really surprised by Goku’s extraordinary feats. Why? I have seen it already, and not even just through Whis.

That’s right, Jiren seem to have that power already, the Ultra Instinct. His movements are similar to Goku’s movements. While Goku is the exception to the rule, Jiren and Whis has attained it and mastered the art of accessing it at will. While Goku got his version in the sudden burst of power from the Spirit Bomb, Whis, and Jiren…