How Can All The Erased Universes Be Revived Without Angering Zeno?— Explained

Hey guys. As we saw in Dragon Ball Super Episode 119, that two more Universes kicked the bucket. Universe 2 and Universe 6 have been erased after losing all of their fighters. Ever since the beginning of the Tournament of Power, there were speculations that the Super Dragon Balls would be used to bring back. However, with the speculation of revival there was also the speculation of Zeno getting mad at the revival of the Universes.

A new theory has appeared in reddit, which tackles this problem. So, today I’m going to analyse this theory. Let’s begin. First and foremost, one thing is different about Dragon Ball Super than its predecessors and that is the continuity between the arcs. Secondly, the new characters have interesting designs as well as quite intriguing backgrounds. So, it’s very likely that their erasure is temporary and these erased universes will come back. But how?
The super dragon balls are the obvious answer.

However as we know that Zeno held the whole tournament because there were too many universes, resurrecting the universes would mean going against his wishes. So, how can they effectively use the Dragon Balls without angering Zeno? There has been a suggestion of merging all the Universes with Universe 7. The writer of this theory disagrees with this particular suggestion. Merging universes would cause a lot of confusion. Not only among the people living but also among the Gods. It would be mean that only the God of Universe 7 will remain.
I’ll let his post do the rest of the talking—
“I think the answer has already been foreshadowed. In the Manga, it was shown that Zeno decided on the tournament while playing with F. Zeno. This means it would not have happened if not for the F.Trunks arc. At the end of that arc, our original timeline has 2 Zenos, the one F.Trunks moves to has 1, and his original has no Zenos whatsoever. This would be a perfect place to wish the destroyed universes back to – the only active divine being are likely the Grand Priest and Zeno’s guards, if they remain active without a Zeno at all.”

“As for the extent of destruction loosed on F.Trunks original timeline, that remains to be seen. We know F.U7 was destroyed and that all of the gods are dead in the others, but that’s all we know. I posit that either a. The other universes are intact with all of the characters we met in the ToP (besides gods), or b. This is where they will be wished back to.”

This is quite a fascinating read, I must say. This is one of the best theories that I have read in a long time. Credits for the theory goes to the redditor, Anyael.


Dragon Ball Super’s New Power Level

Hey guys. Fans have been trying find out how does a Saiyan become Super Saiyan reach Super Saiyan Level. It is something that has been in the minds of the fans since a very long time. Also, the latest inclusions to the whole reaching new level in Dragon Ball Super have only made the created only more confusion fans.

However, Akira Toriyama finally came out with the answers. He talked about a completely new thing, that was the “S-Cells.” After Toriyama’s revelation, it looks like that these S-cells can provide an end to all the confusion. A certain fan of the franchise on Twitter has made a chart, which could mean the end for all our woes in terms of power scaling. In a recent Q&A which was published in the latest volume of the Dragon Ball Super manga, Akira Toriyama explained that how exactly a Saiyan is able to go Super Saiyan. Akira Toriyama said in order to reach the Super Saiyan level, a Saiyan needs enough S-Cells.

As you can in the photo above by @KenXyro on Twitter, he has taken all the factors responsible for triggering the increase in S cells and all the various reasons. Let’s take at Vegeta’s example and how he was able to reach Super Saiyan level. First and foremost, his heart, which is bad. As mean he’s not a good person. So, originally his S cells level is not so much. However, Vegeta has a good power level. Last but not the least, his anger towards Gokū (his rival).

This boosts the rate of S cells in his body. In the same, Q&A Toriyama stated, “Once these S-Cells reach a certain amount, a trigger such as anger will explosively increase the S-Cells and cause a change in the body: that’s Super Saiyan…However, one can’t reach the quantity necessary for becoming a Super Saiyan simply by having a gentle spirit, so…
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