Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 aired today, and there was a lot of stuff revealed to us. The fight between Universe 7, and Universe 11 intensified today, with Goku and Jiren being at the center of it all. As expected, Jiren was giving Goku a very hard time, and despite everything that Goku tried, the conclusion that he arrived to, was that Jiren cannot be beaten easily.

The fact that Jiren isn’t even using his full power speaks volumes about him. Jiren is easily someone who is either as strong as Beerus, or is maybe even stronger than him. We also got a glimpse at Vegeta’s new form today. He was able to trigger his new form because of Cabba, and the drive to bring back Universe 6 using the Super Dragon Balls.

However, we don’t see a lot of Vegeta. It is still unclear how strong Vegeta is. We don’t know what his power level is, and it is very hard to scale it right now. Other than that, we also got a look at Toppo, who despite being at a numerical disadvantage, was bossing the fight against 17 and Gohan. Even he isn’t going all out right now, and yet he looks to be in the driving seat.

If you’ve read the spoilers for the upcoming episode, you probably know that Episode 125 will be focused on Toppo. He will rise to the level of a God of Destruction, and it will be even harder to take him down at that point. I honestly feel like it is hard for Gohan to do anything against him. Jiren, and Toppo aren’t the only ones who are powering up.

It looks like Dyspo will be the focus of Dragon Ball Super Episode 124. In the preview, we can clearly see him powering up. He is taking on both Gohan, and Golden Freeza on at once! He also looks to be emitting some purple aura from his body, the same that Beerus emits when using his God of Destruction Ki.

To me, it seems like Dyspo will be close to the God of Destruction level as well. All three of Universe 7’s warriors look very powerful, and Universe 7 need to use every ounce of energy that they have in order to overcome this barrier. Even then, it looks very hard for them to actually manage to surpass these monsters. But, hopefully they’ll do it somehow. The time remaining in the Tournament of Power is just 7 minutes.


Ultra Instinct Goku’s Return Is Just Around The Corner

Hey guys! In this post, I want to talk about the Tournament of Power, and how I think we’ll progress in the upcoming episodes. Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 gave us a glimpse of Jiren’s full power. He was monstrous before, and now he just got even stronger! This guy is unmatched, and I’m honestly in awe of how strong he really is.

I’m starting to believe that he might actually be stronger than all the Gods of Destruction, maybe even Beerus. As everyone suspected, and Vegeta confirmed, Jiren was indeed holding back his power in the Tournament of Power all this while. He was holding back when he fought Vegeta in the last episode, and before that when he fought Goku as well. After being outsmarted by Goku, he finally unleashed his true power, and everyone including Beerus was surprised to see what a monster he is.

This resulted in Goku tapping into every ounce of power that he held within his body. Vegeta also managed to do the same, and he ended up breaking his shell just like Goku did with Ultra Instinct. At this point, it isn’t clear what Vegeta’s new form actually is. The Daishinkan described it in a similar manner to the way Goku achieved Ultra Instinct. Maybe there is some connection there, I’m not sure.

To match up, Goku went to his absolute peak, and he put Kaio-ken x20 on top of his regular Super Saiyan Blue. Only then we’re the two able to push Jiren back. Again, Jiren isn’t going all out yet. According to the spoilers, he will keep on powering up in the next episode. If that happens, I don’t know for how long Goku will last.

Kaio-ken is a technique that doesn’t last long. It gives an instant boost to the person, but it wears out quickly. We’ve already seen that happen twice in the Tournament of Power.

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