The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super is explosive, and that isn’t just a figure of speech. Jiren’s real power is so badass and out of this world. That his single Ki Blast can expand and destroy everything. Android 17 died when he saved Vegeta and Goku from Jiren’s concentrated blast. He is the first one to do so in the Tournament of Power.

Jiren was not eliminated because of Android 17’s death. It was considered as self-destruction. You might be wondering right now how the heck is self-destruction even possible for Android 17?  This death, coming from a canon episode of DBS, contradicted one event from canon DBZ. What the heck is happening in DB world?

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Way back when the Z Fighters defeated Cell, the Dragon Balls were used to patch up the destruction from Cell’s rampage. All the people who have died were resurrected and all the damaged cities were restored. For some reason, the Z Fighters ran out of wishes for the Dragon Balls. Yamcha wanted to wish for money, to everyone’s dismay. So Krillin got the last wish, wishing that Android 17 and Android 18 will have no more explosives in their bodies. Because of this, some of the fans are wondering how Android 17 self-destructed.

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One possible reason for this is that Akira Toriyama might’ve forgotten about Krillin’s wish. This isn’t surprising as he had forgotten Super Saiyan two before. Another possibility is that Android 17 emulated Vegeta’s Super Explosion by gathering up enough energy to make himself explode. Because of Jiren’s massive Ki blast, Android 17 doesn’t have to gather large amount of energy to make himself explode.

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It’s really hard to keep track of everything, especially if the thing is a handful of decades old. Krillin’s  wish was granted eons of years ago and it is no surprise if Toriyama forgot it himself. There is one thing that will be certain from now on, winning the Tournament of Power will be harder without Android 17.

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  1. Self destruction doesn’t necessarily involve havibg a bomb in yourself.

    Rememver how Vegeta trued killing Majin Buu? He for sure didn’t have a bomb in him.

    • Yep. I point it out in the article. He might’ve emulated Vegeta’ attack. And because Jiren’s blast is so powerful, charging up for a long time is not necessary for him to explode.

  2. I just wonder why 17 even blew himself up, I mean, he could’ve just let Jiren’s blast kill him, and then boom! Jiren gets eliminated!


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