There’s a lot of choices to choose from when it comes to Dragon Ball Movie marathon. You can watch good old classics such as Bojack being kicked in the but by Teen Gohan. Or you can catch Frieza’s resurrection, and the birth of Super Saiyan Blue in the recent movie. There’s even a Dragon Ball live action movie, which I won’t talk about any further. But when it comes to the 3D animated Dragon Ball movie, we haven’t got anything to feast our eyes on.

There are tons of fan-made videos of short clips on YouTube, if we really crave for some DBZ 3D goodness. Battles that are impossible to appear such as SSJ4 Gogeta vs SSB Vegito are floating around on the Internet. But almost all of those 3D animated videos just show a fancy fight between the characters. No story or plot is involved.

But don’t worry, there’s a group of artists, who love the series that will be representing a 3D animated Dragon Ball Z movie that fans will be excited for. A DBZ tribute has released one teaser that features Krillin making his Destructo Disc. He made a graceful turn before throwing the disc. The animation is good that even the texture of Krillin’s clothing is defined.

You can find all the available character designs here. More of the future characters are expected to have a teaser in the future. Although there is no date as to when the movie will be available, some finished materials look awesome already. Here is Goku’s character design, with a few added hair spikes.

It seems like Majin Buu will make an appearance in the movie, so there’s expectation that Vegeta and Gohan will have an appearance too. But with Krillin being in the first teaser, he might play an important role in the movie. I just hope that they’ll do something about Vegeta’s hair.


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