Hey everyone! Today, I want to talk about Dragon Ball Super Episode 123. The episode aired a couple of hours ago, so I hope you guys have already watched it. If you haven’t, I suggest that you do, because this post contains heavy spoilers from the episode. With that out of the way, let’s begin.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 saw Vegeta beaten by Jiren, and Goku picking up from where Vegeta left off. The new episode was mainly focused on Goku, and his fight against Jiren. There wasn’t much to be excited about in this fight, considering we already know how powerful Jiren is, and that Super Saiyan Blue is no match for him. Even Goku knew it, and he approached Jiren with caution. This time around, it was different, however.

Unlike last time, where Goku went all out, he took a strategic approach against Jiren, and tried to turn his overconfidence against him. Goku’s strategy for this fight was to trap Jiren, and then try to eliminate him.

He almost succeeded in this plan as well. But this is Jiren we’re talking about. There is absolutely no way he could’ve been defeated that easily. He’s just too powerful, and it would also have been a huge disappointment. As expected, Jiren climbed back up instantly, and he battered Goku. It took help from Vegeta in his new form to push Jiren back, and even then Jiren wasn’t using his full power.

Further, Jiren wasn’t the only character who was on the verge of being defeated in Dragon Ball Super Episode 123. Toppo was nearly eliminated as well. Strength-wise, he was levels above both Gohan and 17. But, 17’s strategy worked wonders, and Toppo would’ve been eliminated if Gohan wouldn’t have stopped his attack. I think Universe 7 will rue not taking their chance to eliminate Toppo, because he is a monster as well.

Universe 7 still look like the underdogs here. I think that’ll continue being the case until the final moments of the Tournament of Power. I don’t know how they’ll beat Jiren, because according to the spoilers, he’ll keep powering up even in the next episode. The Tournament of Power is getting intense by the minute, and the time remaining is just 7 minutes now.


Biggest Unsolved Zeno – King of Everything Mystery in DBS

Hey everyone! Today, I want to talk about Zen’ou, who is also known as the King of All. Before I begin this post, please keep in mind that this is just a theory, and I’m sharing this with you all because I found it very interesting. However, it’s not official in any way. So, please treat it just like a theory. During the Black Saga, we were Introduced to the Future Zen’ou.

When Goku pressed the button that Zen’ou gave him in the Trunks timeline, it brought the future Zen’ou to the scene. After noticing everything that had happened, he chose to erase the entire timeline. Goku went back there to bring him to his timeline, and meet the other Zen’ou. If you remember, when he was first introduced, he had 2 guards with him.

Each Zen’ou had two guards back then, so we had a total of 4 guards. Ever since then, we’ve never seen the other two guards. They’ve completely disappeared. This raises the question of how the two guards were able to survive when Zen’ou erased the timeline? Could it be that they exist in a separate realm, along with Zen’ou and the Grand Priest? Or did Zen’ou somehow recreate them after erasing everything?

I’m inclined to believe that it is the former. I think they weren’t erased when Zen’ou erased everything. This would make sense because I don’t think there was any point in creating them, if they were to be forgotten an episode later. Now, this may not be interesting to many, but I find it very interesting because of one particular reason.

The Future Grand Priest. If Zen’ou’s guards were unaffected by the timeline Erasure, there is no reason to believe that the Grand Priest shouldn’t have survived. I think it only makes sense if he survived as well.

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