Preview: Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 30

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Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai
Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai

After Hyunckle got slammed by Land Ride, Sea Rider waked up and squeezed Popp’s head. Sea Rider told Popp to drop his weapon, or his skull will be crushed. Hyunckle gets up, trying to defend Popps. Hyunckle asks if he drops his weapon will he spare Popp’s life. Sea Rider comments that he is not interested in killing weakling. He wants Hyunckle’s head, and Popp told Hyunkle not to obey Sea Rider’s order. He realizes that Sea Rider might not keep his words and end up crushing his skull.

Popp told Hyunckle to kill Sea Rider, and he is willing to sacrifice his life. He reminds Hyunckle that he is out of magic power, and it is only Hyunckle who can help Dai. Hyunckle drops his weapon so that no one will die. He comments that he joined Dai’s crew to bring misfortune to evil-doers. Hyunckle said he’d rather not give Avan another reason to scold him in the afterlife. But he cannot abandon a junior disciple since Avan will reject him.

Previously on Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 29

Sea Rider unleashes his weapon and comments that Hyunckle had done a great job. When he is about to kill him, a spear passes through his mouth. Sea Rider falls on his back, and Hyunckle wonders who attacked him. Hyunckle looks behind and finds that it is Land Rider Larhart who pierce Seas Rider with his spear. Sea Rider died instantly, and the two wonders why he saved them. Hyunckle questions Larhart, who is lying on his back. Larhart reveals that Dragon Masters sticks to their rules.

They don’t use hostage to get what they want, and using hostage would bring shame to the Dragon Masters. It would be unforgivable since Sea Rider was using humans as a hostage. The Dragon Masters considers humans to be weakling and they don’t have to take humans hostage. They fight fair and square, which is why Larhart killed Seas Rider, who wanted to ruin their reputation. Hyunckle asks why Dragon Masters hates humans so much.

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Larhart reveals that he is like Master Dino (Dai), born between two different races. He also reveals that he was born between a Darkling and a Human. His Darkling father died earlier, and his human mother raised him. When he was seven, a war between Dark Lord Hardlar and the Humans began. During the war, the humans discriminated against Larhart because of his Darkling lineage. They also hated his mother, who gives birth to a Darkling, and the knights slapped his mother in front of him.

True Dragon Knight

Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai
Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai

Lahart’s mother became weak and fell ill. She died a forsaken death, and Larhar met with Baran at his lonely time. Baran took him and raised him like his child. Baran always misses his son Dino who was missing, and he didn’t know Dino was the hero Dai. He was fighting against heroes with the help of Darklings until one day, he clashes with Dai and finds the truth. During his battle with Dai, he finds that Dai is his lost son Dino. He decided to leave the battlefield and said that he would come back to reclaim Dino.

Crocodine realizes that Dai is Dino, who has been missing for years. Baran decided to form his part to reclaim Dino as he promised Dino’s mother, who has passed away. But the heroes don’t want Dai to live with Baran since he was once part of the Dark Army. Dai has lost his memories, and he knows nothing about what is happening. But Leona manages to make Dai regain some of the memories they spent together. Larhart reveals that Master Baran is the one who understood his pain since he has walk through the same path as him.

Popp got carried away by Larhart speech and shed tears. He realizes that this bastard lying on the ground is not that bad. But his problem is that what will they do with Dai if they managed to reclaim him back. Larhart told them to understand Baran’s pain, and they must take care of Baran and Dai. He offers his Dark Armor Spear to Hyunckle. Baran arrives at the kingdom, and he asks Leona to hand over Dino. Leona refuses, and Hyunckle arrives wear a Dark Armor Spear. Baran transformed and became a true Dragon Knight.

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Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 30 Release Date

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 30 will release on Saturday, 2 May 2021, at 9:30 AM JS. You can watch Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai online on Crunchyroll. Take a look at the episode 30 preview below.

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