Dragon Ball Super’s Studio Leaks New Angel and Jiren’s secret!

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Howdy, I’m here with another blog and this time with some leaks that were recently released by Toyotaro and the Illustrator for Dragon Ball Super. So, without any more delays, let us begin:

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The Tournament of Power is already half over and today we got something which doesn’t have any connection with Universal Tournament Arc but can have a major influence on upcoming arcs in Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball Super

If you guys do not know Toyotaro then let me explain, Toyotaro is the real man behind the Dragon Ball Super anime and also the writer of original Dragon ball super manga and editor of the story for the anime.

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He started his work as an artist of Akira and later he worked on Dragon Ball Heroes. Although he is credited with the idea of merged Zamasu and Vegito in Black Goku arc and he is well known as the Right Hand Of Akira Toriyama and successor of Akira.

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So now let me disclose the main thing –  All of these are rough sketches of angels are already well-known in fandom except the marked one. Who is she? Also, she has named been as Makgeollo.

Many of you guys are thinking that she’s just a raw drawing or something. Whatsoever, she’s there with 9-canon angels which makes it more obvious that she might come in Dragon Ball Super. Naming her and placing her between the known angels confirms that she is going to make her appearance soon.

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Earlier, it was discussed that there were 18 universes and Zen-Oh wiped out 6 of them. She could be a fallen angel from the 6 universes that were destroyed. Well, what makes me say about her gender is because she’s with 3 more Female-angels and on the next sheet of paper there are male angels. So basically, it is classified.

Well, if you want to read my theory on the creation of Angels then you can read it here.

Now, the other thing that was released recently is about Jiren’s Power level and some kind of secret about Jiren. Well, it was revealed by the Illustrator of Dragon Ball Super. (Yep, I got em translations of his interview)

So I have an interesting note Toyotaro had to say about his new chapters. When the illustrator was asked why Jiren fights, Toyotaro promised fans the character would surprise them. Which confirms that there is a hidden/painful or some kind of mysterious backstory of this warrior. “I’ll be losing this time as well Can you really say that life is fair? It will be different from the anime version. I’ll shed just a little bit of light on Jiren’s secret.” ~Toyotaro.

After all, Jiren has become one of the anime’s stand-out fighters thanks to his insane power. In the anime, the Pride Trooper was able to take down Goku even after the hero temporarily tapped into Ultra Instinct.

Jiren is said to be as strong if not more so than his God of Destruction, Vermouth, but fans don’t know why or how the guy got so strong. If the anime cannot answer that for fans, then Toyotaro should be able to within the pages of an upcoming manga chapter.

Well, this is where it ends. You can comment your opinions on Jiren’s secret and the new angel that were recently revealed. If you have a personal theory regarding Jiren’s past or anything Dragon Ball related, you can click here to visit my Facebook account.




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