Dragon Ball Super: Who’s gonna Knock out Ribrianne?


Isn’t that the best question that any Dragon Ball fan wants to ask right now? Well, one of the two most irritating characters who was recently introduced in Dragon Ball Super just got knocked out of the Fighting Arena and I don’t think we’ll be seeing her ever again.

Yes, I was talking about Kefla who just got knocked out after fighting with Goku who was using Ultra Instinct. Now, since one got knocked out, then that leaves another one left. That’s the one that I mentioned in the question – Ribrianne.

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Ribrianne started off as a cute and frail looking girl and midway transformed into a fatso nonsense spouting character. What’s more, that fatso is gonna undergo some kind of transformation in the next episode. Who will she fight after Transforming?

I assume it’ll be the weakened Goku who just exhausted all his stamina after using Ultra Instinct. Well, even if Goku has run out of stamina, it won’t be a problem because Android 17 and Android 18 are gonna save him.

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Well, Ribrianne does hold a grudge against Android 17 for interrupting her previous transformation, so she may be yearning to fight with him. So, coming back to the main topic, who’s gonna knock her out? Here are the few options:

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First, she may just try to fight Goku, then get interrupted again by Android 17 and then the Android will just kick her out of the Ring. Sounds good enough? There’s more.

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Second, Android 17 and Android 18 won’t be able to knock her out after she transforms again or fuses with Rozie and the Androids start stalling for time so that Goku recovers his Stamina and then comes and knock them out.

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Third, Goku fights the transformed Ribrianne or the fusion of Ribrianne and Rozie. We all know how Goku functions, he may just try to master Ultra Instinct by playing around with Ribrianne and Rozie. Well since we saw Jiren waking up in the last Episode, then there’s a possibility that he may get irritated by Goku’s playing around attitude and he may just go and eliminate Ribrianne and Rozie.

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Lastly, there are other fighters like Frieza and Vegeta who haven’t been given much screen time, so there’s also a possibility that they may be the ones who eliminate Ribrianne and Rozie or there’s even a possibility of them still not getting knocked out of the Stage.

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If that happens then it’ll be just more irritation for us. Anyways I’ve been and I will be looking forward to seeing Ribrianne get knocked out of the stage and get her Universe Erased until it actually happens.

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