Dragon Ball Super Vegeta Blue Ultra Instinct God?

Dragon Ball Super Episode was impeccable, it was just dazzling. Dragon Ball Super fans were hell pleased by the animation and the way Episode 122 released new details in storyline Personally, I wasn’t expecting something this good from episode 122.But this episode was truly worth waiting. The episode gave me goosebumps when Vegeta showed us one doesn’t simply hurt his pride.Dragon ball super episode122 had a new ending which gave us a clear look of Vegeta.

Now Episode 123 is titled “Full body! Spirit and Power unleashed! Goku and Vegeta!”. 

Whose preview gave us the clear idea of what’s going to happen in this Episode.The Episode summary that was previously leaked stated “Goku begins batling Jiren once again. Although Goku uses every trick up his sleeve, Jiren brushes it all aside. Goku uses Kio-ken and throws like cluster bombs off in all directions, but this is proved of a little to no effect on Jiren, and then Vegeta unleashes all his KI and starts glowing all perfect blue”

What would this new “Perfect Blue” form be?As you heard in Episode preview Goku says “Vegeta awakens to an amazing Power beyond Super Saiyan Blue”

As you can see Vegeta and Goku standing side by side you can clearly see its just not any “SSJG blue” its something very different.Vegeta is going to go beyond the limits he once had.As this new form is very different and Probably very strong then norma Super Saiyan God Blue.

Also, there are new spoilers in Dragon Ball Super town which revealed titles of Episode 125 and 126, and title of Episode 126 title is surprising but not very surprising.Episode 126 is titled “Surpass even a God! Vegeta’s life Risking blow”. The talking point of the next episode of Dragon Ball Super Episode is going to be Vegeta’s new form. I don’t know how it is that he attained it, but if I had to guess, I think it is the same as it was with Goku. He broke his inner shell, but the power he attained is different from what Goku attained.

It is pretty clear that they are talking about the Gods of Destruction at this point. Vegeta will try some life-risking technique, but I’m pretty sure that he will survive. I think it is in this episode that Vegeta will show us the true power of his new form. It is just as it was with Goku. When he first used Ultra Instinct, he wasn’t as strong as he was when he used it against Kefla.

Finally, its some time for Vegeta to get in Limelight action.Also, Today I comparedDBZ and DBS and what I felt is DBS is really just fast-forwarding many things and the epicness of DBZ is lost.What do you guys think? Let me hear you guys out in the comments or you can get connected with me on Snapchat-Vibsz16 and Instagram.

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