Dragon Ball Super Manga Reveals One Way Jiren Can Be ‘Defeated’

Jiren is the strongest fighter present in the Tournament of Power right now, and there is no one aside from Goku, who can even prove to be a challenge to him. We already saw Goku fight him in Ultra Instinct during the One Hour Special, and even though Goku did put up a good fight, we don’t even know if Jiren was using his full power.

He even took down Hit, and eliminate him, despite some saying that Hit used a Shadow clone, and is actually still in the Tournament (guys, he’s out). Jiren then went on to meditate, because there was nobody worth his time in the Tournament of Power anymore. But, now that Goku awakened Ultra Instinct yet again, he is back in action. However, it will take Goku some time to get back to full power and be able to fight Jiren.

The worrying part is that there are only 17 minutes left in the Tournament of Power. I don’t know if Goku can heal to full power without someone healing him. Aside from Goku, there are others who can fight Jiren as well. We have Vegeta as a prime candidate, but we saw what Jiren did yo Blue, and I don’t really think he can pull it off.

Vegeta might get Ultra Instinct, and maybe that’ll help him fight Jiren, but even then, will Jiren be defeated? I highly doubt so. So, if Jiren cannot be defeated, and he cannot be eliminated, how does he lose? Well, the latest Dragon Ball Super Manga does reveal an interesting way Jiren can be dealt with. According to Dragon Ball Super manga 30, Jiren’s main priority to protect the peace of Universe 11. Even though he’s in the Tournament of Power, he still cares a lot about Universe 11’s safety.

Even when Belmod personally invited him to take part in the Tournament of Power, Jiren said that if there’s any trouble in Universe 11, he will have to leave the Tournament, and return to his Universe, to deal with the threat. I don’t think there was a need for this information unless it does play a part in the future of the Dragon Ball Super series. I think something will happen, and it will compromise the safety of Universe 11.

If that does happen, then, Jiren will have to leave, and the Tournament will blow wide open for Universe 7. Without Jiren there, Goku can definitely deal with the rest, and so can Vegeta. But, this is just my opinion, and it may or may not end up happening. I just wanted to point this important detail out to you guys. What do you think about it? Do you think Jiren will be forced to leave the Tournament of Power? Let me know in the comments section below.


Dragon Ball Super [Spoiler] Might Have Revealed Goku’s Next Power!

Hey, fans of Dragon Ball! Today, I’ll be talking about Goku and his next power in the series. The Tournament of Power has about 17 minutes left. So, this basically means every fight will be intense now. Thanks to the spoilers, we know that there is going to be a grand battle at the end of one of the next couple of episodes, probably 118, and we will see another Universe get erased in the events.

I personally think it could be Universe 2, but there are some who also believe Universe 6 is next, which I think makes sense as well. So far, Universe 7 looks good, and they have only lost a couple of fighters who weren’t even that strong. All the main fighters, like Goku and Vegeta, are still there, and they’ll probably make it to the end of the Tournament of Power. However, as of now, it looks bad for Goku.

He has exhausted all his stamina once again. He just fought Jiren and was healed by Freeza. Later, he fought Kafla and got completely exhausted yet again. In the next episode, all Universe 2 fighters will be gunning for him. This does make it worrying for him, but I think we all know that Goku will be fine at the end of it. There’s no way he can heal to max power again in 17 minutes, so it is likely that someone will heal him once again. I don’t know who it’ll be, but I think that’s the only way.

This brings me to my main point. Goku has already used Ultra Instinct twice in the Tournament of Power now. If he gets healed again, that will be the second time someone will have healed him. I think Ultra Instinct will return for the third time, but that will be it during the Tournament of Power.

So, during his final fight vs Jiren, or maybe someone else, Goku will have to use Ultra Instinct for the third time. But, will Ultra Instinct be enough to take down Jiren? I doubt it. Even though Ultra Instinct is a godly power, Jiren himself is someone who has surpassed the level of God of Destruction.

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Dragon Ball Super [Spoiler] Might Have Revealed Goku’s Next Power!

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