Dragon Ball Super Final Barrier Of Universe 7?

Dragon Ball fandom is still staggering from the anime’s approaching finale. The series is leading directly along. This weekend will mark the debut of a new Dragon Ball Super episode, but one spoiler for the show has fans eyeing Vegeta with caution. As the new spoilers are revealed many exciting theories and news started to swirl up in the Dragon Ball community.


After all, it looks even more likely that the Saiyan will be ringed out of the Tournament of Power. Over on social media, fans begin buzzing with the partial title for episode 127. The report came from a supposedly leaked magazine from Japan, and translators were able to pinpoint it’s Dragon Ball Super spoilers with ease.

According to the spoiler, the provisional title for episode 127 includes the phrase “The Final Barrier Of Hope”. There is little context for what the means or if there’s more to the title. Fans will know Dragon Ball has a thing for two-part titles, so there may be a preface to this phrase. However, fans are trying to figure out, what they can from the title, and none of it’s good for Vegeta.

As for many fans, they are thinking that episode 127, that we’ll see Vegeta entrust the hope of Universe seven to his team, after he’s either eliminated from the Tournament or perhaps killed. The final barrier may be Goku, if Toppo manages to ring out the rest of Universe seven’s fighters before Vegeta can stop him. With the fate of his universe on Goku’s shoulders, the Saiyan would surely be pushed into his Ultra Instinct form as he takes on Jiren one last time. So, fans can only hope the Saiyan’s comrades didn’t put their faith in him for anything.

According to my thinking that Android 17 and Frieza, most probably will be eliminated in Episode 127 because of the title of Episode 127 “Last Barrier Of Hope” which I think might be referring to Android 17 using his Energy Barrier against Toppo to which might be there last hope of defeating Toppo.

Android 17 and Frieza will try everything in their power to defeat Toppo, but nothing seems to work out, and the spoilers also state that Toppo defeats both Android 17 and Frieza, I’m not saying that they will get eliminated but it’s still a possibility that they might. But it could also mean that Toppo beats them down and then went to attack Vegeta which we discussed above.

The title of episode 126 is already out as well, and it could very well connect with that of 127. The episode126 has the title “Surpass Even a God! Vegeta’s Life-Risking Blow” – and the Saiyan may very well do just that.

What do you think will happen? Who will be eliminated next? Let me know in comments or also you can connect with me on Snapchat-Vibsz16 and Instagram.

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