Kale and Caulifla Attacks Goku! Dragon Ball Super Episode 113 Spoilers Revealed!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 113

Hey there Dragon Ball fans we have some brand-new spoilers coming in pretains to Dragon Ball Super episode 113, as we have some brand-new information going towards the end of October with some really cool information involving the Universe 6 Saiyans.

universe 6 saiyans

Dragon Ball Super episode 113 is entitled:” Thrilled! Fighting Maniacs Saiyans Battle Again!! Premiering October 29th.

The description goes as follows:” Goku vs Kale and Caulifla. Caulifla declares that she will fight Goku! But finding herself at a disadvantage, she calls her protégé Kale over to fight with her! How will Goku handle these two tough Saiyan opponents?!”

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Now we understand based on spoilers that of course Goku is going to be in action once more. He did recieve energy from Frieza, but even then I don’t see how Caulifla’s going to challenge Goku in anyway, shape, or form. Even though considering that she is well aware of his Super Saiyan Blue transformation alongside Ultra Instinct, in which she saw him fight Jiren with.

So with Kale having to be introduced we know predating months back, that these two are going to be very, very important for Universe 6. I hate to break it to you guys, but Universe 6’s Hit is not going to be involved in anyway, shape, or form. I cannot wait to show guys this once, more spoilers come out for episodes 114, 115, and 116, because there is no sign or indication that Hit has any sort of clone left.

However, they’re shifting the focus from Hit, now towards Kale and Caulifla, possibly even Cabba and the Universe 6 Namekians, but next week we are going to see we are going to see Goku combat the likes of Caulifla and Kale. I would like to know from you guys, if Caulifla or Kale are going to tap into any sort of power that’s going to be much more significant than how we have seen previous in order to make them revelant to people like Goku, people like Toppo, later on possibly even Frieza.

Nowhere in comparison to Jiren, but at least giving them somewhat of a fighting chance in order to combat the likes of Goku, to combat the likes of other characters in the tournament. So let me know your overall thoughts guys.

We’re gonna have ourselves an all-out Saiyan battle apparently enough going into next week’s episode, which I’m looking forward to. Well see you guys on the next one later!:)


All Universes Ranked According To Latest Data of Tournament of Power

Tournament of power has been going on for quite while and majority of the fighters are already eliminated from the tournament. We have a latest list of updated leaderboard of tournament of power.

We will be ranking Universes according to number of warriors left from their universe.

8. Universe 10

Image result for Universe 10 pinterest

Universe 10 is ranked last because they were unable to eliminate even one warrior and in the end all of them got eliminated erased.

7. Universe 9

Image result for Universe 9 pinterest

Universe 9 is ranked number because they eliminated 1 warrior while all of them got eliminated and got erased.

6. Universe  4

Image result for Universe 4 dbs pinterest

Universe 4 has only 3 warriors left in the tournament of power and they have not yet eliminated any warrior from any universe.

5. Universe 11

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Universe 11 is by far the strongest universe we know, however they ranked 5 because they have only eliminated 2 warriors and lost 7 warriors while do that.

4. Universe 6

Image result for Universe 6 dbs pinterest

Universe 6 is ranked No. 4 because they have 4 warriors left and they have eliminated 12 warriors from other universes.

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