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Dragon Ball Super Ep 112: Vegeta’s Resolve, Are We Gonna See Gogeta?

There are things that fans are excited to watch in the Tournament of Power. One of this is Goku’s transformation and his fight against Jiren. In just a few episodes away, Universe 11 will command Jiren to take down Goku. Goku, on the other hand, will feel excited because he will finally be able to battle Jiren. Their most anticipated battle will begin in October 8.

But there’s one big bad news for Goku fans out there: Goku might fail to defeat Jiren. Spoilers from Ken Xyro, Todd Blakenship, and others point out that episode 11 will focus on Jiren’s battle against Hit. Jiren will deflect all of Goku’s attack and it seems like even the Limit Breaker form will not be effective against Jiren. Jiren will be unstoppable, and if there is a word that could describe him properly, it will be “God-like”.

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Jiren will fight against Hit afterward, and honestly, I think Hit will have a greater chance to give Jiren some damages. He has his time skip ability, and it will only be problematic for him if Jiren does what he did to Goku before the tournament started. Hit will be able to hold Jiren off for a while for a bigger moment in this arc that I think is possible to happen.

You’re now asking what moment did I mean on my last paragraph? It is Vegeta’s moment, of course. Hate him or love him, Vegeta is a clutch character that made beating a powerful enemy possible so many times in the Dragon Ball Z. He helped Gohan defeat Cell with a sneak Ki Blast that made Cell lower his guard. And Episode 112 is titled Vegeta’s resolve, which means that Vegeta will make a huge decision in the tournament of power.

Vegeta’s decision would be to do the Fusion Dance with Goku. Hit will hold Jiren for a while to let Goku rest for a bit while Vegeta will protect him from other enemies. When Goku has recovered, Vegeta and Goku will fuse and bring Gogeta in action. Vegito Blue was able to surpass Beerus according to the maga and Beerus is the most powerful God of Destruction. Gogeta will be weaker than Vegito but it is safe to assume that Gogeta Blue will be a powerful character.

Since the title of episode 113 “Combat Loving Saiyan Battle” and Gogeta is a powewrful Saiyan, I think that this theory is possible. What do you think guys? Are you also excited to see this battle in the screen? Drop your comments below, I would love to know them.



Written by Keira Alexandria

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