Dragon Ball Super Might Just Have Revealed A Way To Defeat Jiren


Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power introduced us to a lot of new characters, but I doubt anyone stands out as much as Jiren right now. Jiren was first mentioned by Toppo in the Zen exhibition match against Goku where he said that Goku was no match for Jiren. Later, we got to see Jiren is action, as the Tournament of Power progressed further, and well, fans have a mixed reaction towards him.

Jiren is broken, and while there are stronger characters in the series, I don’t think anyone has shown this level of power yet. Jiren is a complete monster when it comes to fighting. According to Toppo, Jiren’s fighting abilities surpass that of the God of Destruction of the Universe 11, Belmod, who himself did well in the Exhibition match between the Gods of Destruction before the Tournament of Power.

It took Goku to unlock Ultra Instinct to be able to stand a chance against him, and even then, we don’t know how much of his power Jiren was actually using, so there’s no saying how strong he is just yet. Even if Goku does master the Ultra Instinct, will he be able to defeat Jiren once and for all? That is a question we cannot answer right now, but we can surely speculate. Firstly, I think it’s hard for Goku to master Ultra Instinct completely here.

I don’t think it should be done here in this arc. Secondly, I think Vegeta will play a major role in defeating Jiren. We know that Vegeta is going to get Ultra Instinct as well. From the preview of Episode 117, it is clear that Vegeta is trying to get Ultra Instinct, but he fails. Even then, I think it is inevitable that he’ll be using it here in the Tournament of Power.

Whis has stated several times that if Goku and Vegeta team up, there is no enemy they cannot defeat, including Beerus. Most people took that to mean that Vegetto is stronger than Beerus, and Vegetto Blue or maybe Ultra Instinct Vegetto could deal with anyone. While that indeed is true, I think it’s better if Goku and Vegeta fight together. We haven’t really seen them fighting together, and it would be so great to see them do so.


Jiren is an opponent worthy enough to double team for them. If both Goku and Vegeta use Ultra Instinct against Jiren, I don’t think Jiren can win, and then, the victory for Universe 7 is all but certain. But, we know that Goku and Vegeta don’t like to fight together. In order to defeat Jiren, I think this step is essential. Without teaming up on Jiren, I don’t see any other way how he can be beaten. But that’s just my own opinion. How do you guys think Jiren should be defeated?


Dragon Ball Super Creator Drops Big [SPOILER] About Jiren

Hey guys. Today I’m going to talk about Dragon Ball Super’s manga. As we know that Dragon Ball Super manga is different from the anime. The anime is way ahead of the manga. The story kicked off with anime before the manga was published. The anime was already airing even before Toyotaro began publishing Dragon Ball Super’s manga.

Toyotaro was working on it with notes from Akira Toriyama. The 30th chapter of the famous series was just released and after its release, the fans went berserk as it seemed to have an update about Jiren. The fans have shared the scans all over the internet.

On Twitter, YonkoProd wrote an interesting tweet about what Toyotaro had to say about his new chapters. Toyotaro was asked why Jiren fights. To this Toyotaro gave a simple yet very exciting answer, which was that Jiren’s past would shock them.
“Dragon Ball Super V Jump January Issue: Toyotaro’s Idea. Jiren’s reason to fight is…”I’ll be losing this time as well (laughs) Can you really say that life is fair? (laughs) It will be different from the anime version. I’ll shed just a little bit of light on Jiren’s secret— YonkouProductions (@YonkouProd)
“I’ll be losing this time as well Can you really say that life is fair? It will be different from the anime version. I’ll shed just a little bit of light on Jiren’s secret.”

It’s not a surprise that the Dragon

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