Dragon Ball Super Broly New Preview Features Gogeta

A leak from the pre-screening of Dragon Ball Super Broly has confirmed Gogeta to appear in the movie. Later on, a shot of the new Gogeta was circulated around the internet and hit those who wants and don’t want to be spoiled. Turns out, Toei Animation planned to spoil it all along after they released a new video that featuring the final fight of the movie: Gogeta Blue and Full Power Broly.

The movie is just a couple of weeks away before its official release, that’s why there are more previews released for the sake of hyping it even more. The latest preview video features the two of the most exciting characters in the movie, Gogeta and Broly. Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it yet.

In addition to the new base Gogeta picture that we recently, Gogeta Blue is also featured in preview. There was no Super Saitan Gogeta in the trailer, and it quite makes sense because Goku and Vegeta are so far from Super Saiyan at this point. But what we got is Gogeta Blue, which is the Fusion Dance equivalent of Vegito Blue. It is expected that Piccolo will teach Vegeta the technique so he and Goku can do it.

The old Gogeta looks a lot different in the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie. Thre are no major differences in the overall character design, but there’s a lot of minor changes (like the shallower widow peak and shorter bangs). This made the new Gogeta look and feel different from the old one.

Gogeta Dragon Ball Super

Recently, a new music video was released featuring Daichi Miura’s “Blizzard”. It features more footages from the movie which was never released before. . Dragon Ball Super Broly will be aired on December 14, 2018, in Japan and on January 2019 in the other parts of the world. There was a pre-screening earlier this month. A lot of spoilers were out on the internet, so watch out if you don’t want to be spoiled.

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