Dragon Ball Overtakes Gundam In Stunning Fashion

Hey guys. Today I’m here with some pretty big news about the Dragon Ball franchise. Dragon Ball attracted a huge number of fans from the West and it gained popularity in a short period of time. The anime seems to be on the rise once again. Going back to the homeland of Sakura blossoms and waifus, Dragon Ball has just surpassed Gundam fiscally at Bandai Namco.

This has left the fans quite astonished at the turnaround. All of this came to light in the most recent report by Forbes. In the Dragon Ball managed to earn more for Bandai Namco than Gundam did. In the current fiscal year, the reports showed that Dragon Ball has earned 43.1 billion yen or $379 million for Bandai Namco. Meanwhile, Gundam has only gathered a sum of 32.7 billion yen which is about $288 million. Bandai Namco’s expected to get $670 million from Dragon Ball in the fiscal year’s end in March 2018. In case of Gundam, it is $624 million.

For now, Dragon Ball is the front-runner in the race as it came on top in this year’s overall earnings. There is no need to be surprised at Dragon Ball’s leap. It is thanks to Dragon Ball Super, which has been an instant hit among the fans ever since its release. The anime has already crossed the 100 episodes mark and it isn’t showing any signs of stopping. However, Gundam has got Dragon Ball beaten all ends up when it comes to the merchandise department. Gundam reigns supreme in that department. In fact, Gundam has made twice the amount of money that Dragon Ball has made in the merchandise department.

One of the main reasons behind Gundam’s falling behind is the current lack of anime. There isn’t any new series to see currently. We’ll have to see how the race finishes. All we can do is wish both of them luck.
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What Will Happen After The End of Tournament of Power?

Hey guys. I’m here with another post about Dragon Ball Super! Today’s point of discussion is the anime itself. To be more specific, what is gonna happen to the anime after the Tournament of Power and how can the creators keep the anime flowing?

Of course, this post is gonna have spoilers from the anime, if you aren’t caught up with the anime then I suggest turning back now, however, if you don’t mind then by all means continue. So, in the recent episode, we saw Gokū using Ultra Instinct again.

Now that isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact it very cool and badass. It certainly makes Gokū cooler and obviously more powerful. Now if you don’t know what Ultra Instinct is, then let me educate you a bit. It is a state in which the body moves on its own. You don’t need to move your body, your body kind of moves on its own.

However, you need to aware of attacks despite using Ultra Instinct, cause safety is not 100% guaranteed.

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