Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4 Release Date Revealed

Dragon Ball Heroes episode 4 will finally reveal more information about this story’s current villain. Fu and Goku will be fighting against Kanba who transformed into an Oozaru. Because of Kanba’s power, Fu will be forced to leave his cage and throw in some support to Goku. Will they successfully defeat Kanba to stop his rampage? Because of this, will Fu set them free and leave them alone?

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4 Release Date

In the last episode of Dragon Ball Heroes, we saw how Kanba could withstand a brawl against Vegito Blue, who was strong enough to almost beat an immortal being. Even though the title of the episode, “Rage! Super Fu Appears!” was confirmed the last episode, the release date was never announced up until recently. The next episode will be released on September 27, 2018, so mark your calendar for the next episode release.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4

Fu will also be transforming into a form which is like a pseudo-Super Saiyan state. However, instead of the yellow aura, Fu’s transformation is purple and emanates dark ki. It is possible that Fu has a Saiyan gene just like Cell, but he has other genes that make his Super Saiyan transformation diluted or something. We will know how powerful he really is in Dragon Ball Heroes episode 4.

Is Vegeta Gravely Injured In Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4?

In the preview, we saw how Fu and Goku try to fight Kanba, who transformed into a Golden Oozaru. The big question right now is this: where the heck is Vegeta? The two Saiyans was defused in the last episode, and it seems like they use all their energy. Did Vegeta somehow manage to get injured and is incapacitated?

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4

Goku can transform into Super Saiyan Blue even after using stamina from the Vegito fusion. If Vegeta is out of commission, its somehow safe to say that he gave all his energy to Goku, just like on Tournament of Power. Will Fu and Goku succeed in fighting Kanba? We will know in Dragon Ball Heroes episode 4.

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