Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 – Where To Watch?

Watch Dragon Ball Heroes episode 2

Hey everyone! In today’s post, I’ll be talking about Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2. As you all know, Dragon Ball Heroes is just a couple of hours away now, and we’re getting the second episode today.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 – Where To Watch?

The first one didn’t quite live up to the hype, but it is just a promotional anime. It’s not a TV anime, so expecting it to be as good as Dragon Ball Super doesn’t make much sense. It is still Dragon Ball content though, and after Super ending way back in March, we have to make do with what he has. The Broly movie is just way too far away, and right now the heroes anime is all we have right now. Tomorrow’s episode looks exciting, to be honest.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2

Future Trunks is going to fight against Golden Cooler. In the previous episode, we saw Trunks being faced by Cooler, and now they’re probably going to fight in the next episode. I want to see his Golden form. It is something fans have been waiting to watch for a long time now. Granted that it isn’t canon, but it is anime content, and that’s always fun to watch.

I’m also looking forward to seeing Cumber in the upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Heroes. This guy has the power to fight against Goku easily. Not only him, but he’s someone strong enough to take on Vegito Blue as well. We all know how strong Vegito Blue is. In the preview, it is clear that Vegito is using Kaio-ken as well, and despite that Cumber is swapping hands with him easily.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 Release Date

For those interested, here’s the title and the preview for the next episode of Dragon Ball Heroes, airing 16 July 2018 in Japan only. It won’t air on any major streaming service like Crunchyroll since this is a Promotional anime meant to promote a game.

Goku Goes Berserk! The Evil Saiyan’s Rampage!”

“Goku and co. are helpless against the evil Saiyan who is shrouded in an overwhelmingly large, sinister ki! Goku is enveloped by the Evil Saiyan’s ki and runs wild, but an unexpected savior comes to the rescue!”

You can watch it on Youtube by searching for the episode name/title.

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