Dragon Ball Fighter Z New Original Female Revealed

It was revealed lately in the recent scans of V – Jump magazine as well as a teaser trailer for the story of Dragon Ball Fighter Z that the addition of a brand new character will appear! This character will be an exclusive character to Dragon Ball Fighter Z as Akira Toriyama supervised the design for the developers over at Arc System Works. Today we are going to be discussing the Dragon Ball Fighter Z new original female that was revealed!

Dragon Ball Fighter Z New Original Female Revealed

To begin with, the new character is an Android. As of now in the Dragon Ball timeline, there have been the following Androids:

  • Android 13 (Movie)
  • Android 14 (Movie)
  • Android 15 (Movie)
  • Android 16 (Cell Saga)
  • Android 17 (Cell Saga DBZ and DBS present)
  • Android 18 (Cell Saga DBZ and DBS present)
  • Android 19 (Cell Saga)
  • Android 20 (Cell Saga)
  • Android 21 (Dragon Ball Fighter Z)

Dragon Ball Fighter Z New Original Female Revealed

From what we know so far, Android 21 is a female that carries a certain device and it seems she has a connection with Android 16 or she knows him. From the teaser trailer we see her approaching an army of Gokus and she is holding some device. So far that is everything we know about her but when more information releases we will update you! Thank you for reading and we will see you all in another article again shortly.

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