Dr. Stone Teases Fans About An Important Announcement

Dr. Stone has gained a lot of popularity ever since it came into the spotlight. The manga is very good, and I would definitely recommend reading it. This year’s 50th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Jump magazine revealed that the 51st issue is going have an important announcement for Riichirou Inagaki and Boichi’s Dr. Stone. The next issue of the manga will be released on November 19.

The manga has been created by Boichi (Sun-Ken Rock) and Inagaki (author of Eyeshield 21). The manga was in Weekly Shonen Jump on March 6. Shueisha had published the seventh volume on September 4, and the eighth volume is going to be coming out on December 4. The manga was also tied for the 15th place in the 2018 edition of Takarajimasha’s Kono Manga ga Sugoi! (This Manga Is Amazing!) guidebook.

Dr. Stone

The first three chapters of the manga were published by Viz Media in Japan as a part of the company’s “Jump Start” initiative. The series was then added to the lineup of its regulars. The manga is currently being published in the digital Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. Viz Media is also releasing the manga in print.

Here is the synopsis of the series—

The science-fiction adventure follows two boys struggle to revive humanity after a mysterious crisis has left everyone in the world turned to stone for several millennia.

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