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Dr. Stone Season 2 Finale Just Paid Tribute To Goku!

Dr. Stone Goku
Dr. Stone Goku

Dr. Stone Season 2 was rather short and only broadcasted 11 episodes. But as usual, the story was filled with action. The funny part about this anime is that no one actually dies, and the action seems to be on the softer part of the spectrum. Although Senku appears to be a total science expert, he is a true pacifist at heart. And the anime theme has strongly focused around that point ever since it made its debut.

So when Ukyo made a proposition that he would only help out with the coup if there will be no death and little violence involved. Then he was just playing right into Senku’s hands. The most notable thing that happened this season was how Dr. Stone Season 2 made reference not only to science but other aspects of the real world as well. Most scientific experiments that Senku makes are derived from real-life scientific facts. So one could learn a lot, but there are dangers that come with them which would explain why the anime always advises people not to try them at home.

If you are a true Otaku, then the reference to the real world anime and manga together with their character in the season finale probably had you excited. Senku has won back Tsukasa’s trust, but Hyoga had plans of his own. And it turned out that Hyoga wanted to defeat Tsukasa all this time. But Tsukasa appeared with no weakness at all and had a secret that only Senku seemingly knew about. He used this to negotiate a ceasefire between the kingdom of science and Tsukasa’s kingdom, but in the end, this exposed Tsukasa’s weaknesses. Hyoga used this to cause chaos and caught Tsukasa off guard, and managed to fatally wound him. Well, Senku, as usual, comes to the rescue.

Dr. Stone Stone Wars Season 2

Dr. Stone Stone Wars Season 2

Dr. Stone Season 2 Pays Tribute to the Dragon Ball Franchise

Senku managed to make progress and solve the problems he had throughout the first season. Now that he had access to the miracle water, all seems well. But Tsukasa was on his death bed. The only way to save him would be through the regenerative process brought through certification. And then see if it was possible to petrify Tsukasa and then dash him with the miracle water. Then he would be saved. So senku sets his eyes on an almost impossible task to find out how he can petrify Tsukasa.

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But the highlight of the episode would be what Senku intends to do next. He wants to bring up civilization, and coincidentally, the next person to be saved from the certification was a Mangaka. And from that, we saw Gen talking about how the world used to be filled with lots of interesting stuff like manga and anime. A slide show followed and went through a glimpse of the best manga and anime one could encounter in the real world.

Even though names were not shown, we managed to catch a glimpse of Goku appearing amongst other manga and anime shows. Gen referred to these as the best shows of the peak of humanity’s civilization and shows just how much Dr. Stone’s creator admires good shows like Dragon Ball others that made an appearance in the slide show. Most mangaka do this and pays tribute to the best manga of the times, and we have seen this in shows like Naruto and One Piece as well.

So the finale of Dr. Stone Season 2, at the very least, left us with a lot to be excited about. And when the anime comes back again, then it will be more of a voyage in the seas and the oceans. Maybe we might get something One Piece related as Senku and his group sails to the other side of the world as pirates.