Dr. Stone Chapter 81- Tsukasa And Senku VS Hyouga

Hyouga made an explosive revelation in the previous chapter of Dr. Stone. He used both Yo and Homura to bomb the cave of miracles, stabbed Tsukasa in his chest, and endangered Senku’s life by throwing him on the river. In Dr. Stone chapter 81, the final battle for the fate of the Earth will begin and end, with the victorious getting the final decision.

Dr. Stone Chapter 81 – The Final Battle

All is at stake in Senku’s Kingdom of Science and Tsukasa’s empire of might in Dr. Stone chapter 81. When Hyouga managed to defeat both of them, he would be the single authority on Earth and all things will fall into his hands. With Hyouga’s victory, it is likely that he’ll rule with only fear and power. So it is better if he will be defeated in the last chapter.

dr. stone chapter 81

Tsukasa might be the most primitive High Schooler, but he is not a stupid fella. He doesn’t use his power without using his brain, and perhaps, is the best of both worlds for Science and Might. Senku’s help in this fight is not because of all the science-y stuff that he can do. He can make an opportunity for Tsukasa to strike back most safely and efficiently (just like in the last chapter). They are, in fact, the supreme duo in the story right now.

With the state of things right now, both party is rather in an equal state. And the only thing that will break this balance is when outside forces will take part in the battle. And this advantage is present for Hyouga. After setting the Cave of Miracles on fire, Homura and Yo can come to the place where the battle is commencing because Hyouga had a simulation with Yo before. The two will surely know where Hyouga is. If the Chrome and the others manage to find the landing site, it might’ve been too late for them to help.

And that’s it for Dr. Stone chapter 81. Stay tuned for more spoilers and updates for the next chapters.

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