Dr. Stone Chapter 79 – Tsukasa As New Ally?

In the last chapter of Dr. Stone, Tsukasa and Senku finally managed to meet each other halfway and temporarily ending the war among them. We are also introduced to Tsukasa Mirai, Shishio’s sick sister who he believes to be dead. With the power of restoration and the possibility of Mirai’s resurrection, will Tsukasa be the newest ally of the Kingdom of Science in Dr. Stone chapter 79?

In Dr. Stone chapter 79, they will try to de-petrify and heal Mirai so that they can finally make the war on hold. Tsukasa’s decision will depend on how Senku’s plan will work. If the petrifying formula works, Mirai will surely affect Shishio’s next moves. And with her named Mirai or “future”, she might be one of the reasons why Shishio will finally acknowledge Science. That’s a good thing for Senku and the others.

But what if the formula doesn’t work? This is the worst possible scenario for Senku as Tsukasa can kill them then and there. The only thing that Senku can promise just to survive is that he will find a way to revive Mirai. She is a special case after all, as Mira is brain dead and the petrifying formula might not work for her as only people with will was seen to be successfully revived.

Dr. Stone Chapter 79 – What Is Hyouga’s Own Goals?

dr. stone chapter 79

What’s more interesting is Hyouga’s own goal that keeps him at Tsukasa’s side. It seems like he is loyal to neither opposing ideals and his loyalty lies on his own goals. His reaction to the paper airplane dynamite is something that might indicate his true nature. Even though Tsukasa is painted as the main evil, he still values human’s life who he deemed acceptable. But Hyouga is another monster and might turn out to be a greater threat in the future.

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