Dr. Stone Chapter 77 – Tsukasa VS Senku Part 2

Dr. Stone Chapter 77

Tsukasa and Senku met for the second time in the last chapter. A fight will surely happen between the Kindom of Science and Tsukasa’s Kingdom. With their battle resumed, how will Senku fight Tsukasa even though he has no material and firepower left? Will the Kingdom of Science collapse in Dr. Stone chapter 77?

Dr. Stone Chapter 77 – The War’s Casualty?

With the help of Kohaku, Magma, and all the people in his village, Senku and Chrome were given time to create one thing that will beat Tsukasa and Hyuuga. Senku was seen biting something before the chapter was done last week and if it is Senku, then it is expected he will work miracles from Science.

It is expected that in Dr. Stone chapter 77, a fight between the best of the Science Kingdom and Tsukasa’s Kingdom will happen. We might see Kinro and Magna fight against Hyuuga while Taiju and Kokaku will fight against Tsukasa. Ukyo is done for, and he might not survive the damages he sustained. He might see himself to be one of the casualties that he want to prevent.

Dr. Stone Chapter 77 – Senku’s First Demise?

Even though they might be good in numbers, there’s one problem for the Kingdom of Science to look out for. Tsukasa might be the barbarian king, but he is also not stupid. He knows something about Science and might prevent Senku from pulling his trump card under his sleeves.

With the things as it is right now, there is a big possibility that a permanent casualty will be in Dr. Stone chapter 77. Tsukasa has an intent to kill with his sharp looking sword while Senku doesn’t even know how to use a spear. This might be the first time that Senku will see a casualty in his war against Tsukasa.


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