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Dr. Stone Chapter 214: Release Date & Spoilers

Dr. Stone Chapter 214

The Hydroelectric plant power experiment begins with Dr. Stone Chapter 214 with Ukyo shouting at the Science Kindom Crew that they have a dam. Dr. Stone reveals Senku and the Science Kindom’s journey preparing the trip to the moon. From the latest Dr. Stone Chapter, we saw Ukyo, Chrome, Kaseki working on something, and this seems like a new experiment to control the water since they want to produce electricity. Senku and Kohaku were also on the scene talking about Ruri’s work with the villagers when they were not around. Dr. Stone Chapter 214 reveals the work in the field that had increased, and the scientist wondered about getting more workforce.

On the other side, we saw Gen talking to the new team that recently got revived. Francoise and other cooks prepared the food for everyone. Gen also talked about him appearing on TV and the book that Senku wrote. Senku’s Story Time book had information on how they revived everyone and how they got petrified in the past. Gen and the kids decided to learn more about that book. The book also revealed building the rocket to the moon and the mystery devices that turned humans into stones. They also talked about why man is up on the moon.

Gen was seen narrating everything like he was singing a song. Chelsea and Ryusui also had had their say on Gen’s lectures. They believed that Gen was winning the population by telling them exciting things about Senku. Ryusui also talked about his desires, and Sai realizes that Ryusui will never miss talking about that. We also saw a picture of Sai playing a game when it was time to study math. But that is what drove him to learn more. Ryusui also reveals his thoughts about media and that it controls the world.

Previously on Dr. Stone Chapter 213

The crew also talked about various media believing that the new world has reached the media stage. Kaseki worked on something related to what Ryusui was talking about, and Senku entertained him. Later we saw the crew acquiring TV. After witnessing the new technology, the crew was surprised, wondering if they were repeating history. The question about the channels that the TV will host. Senku realizes something and explains what they lack in this world. Ukyo realizes that Senku knew that they didn’t have a broadcast while making this new item.

Dr. Stone Chapter 214

Dr. Stone Chapter 214

Senku surprised his team after saying that they wouldn’t watch shows on TV, and they both wondered what they would watch if not shows. Ryusui had his say about the boat schedule and that they had been waiting for the delivery. Sai got surprised, and we saw some pictures of the boat arriving. Taiju appeared and met with Senku while playing their meeting greeting of fist-pumping. The crew worked on computers and Senku’s new systems. But they struggled when they got programs to run, and Senku also analyses the computer checking on something. They also talked about the game programs.

Sai was seen working miracles that helped the crew acquire the computer. He signals the crew that he has finished his part. The Science Kingdom crew gathered to see the latest new invention. Each member had a lot of questions about the computer and some thoughts about video games, while Ryusui praised his brother. We also saw everyone taking turns to play the games they liked until night. Ryusui and Sai had a chess match that Sai beat Ryusui. Sai also narrates the story that took place a long time ago. They also talked about chess moves. Let’s look at Dr. Stone Chapter 214 details below.

Dr. Stone Chapter 214 Release Date

Dr. Stone Chapter 214 will be released on 17 October 2021. At the end of the chapter, we saw Sai revealing a chess move that looked foolish, but it was brilliant enough to lead to victory. The two brothers talked about science and the petrification device. Kaseki also showed his group a vacuum tube for the medusa, but we also witnessed explosions and humans turning into stone after trying to heat a medusa. Let’s look at Dr. Stone Chapter 214 official details below.

Dr. Stone Chapter 214

Dr. Stone Chapter 214

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Read Dr. Stone Chapter 214 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Dr. Stone Chapter 214 online on VIZ Media’s official website. Dr. Stone Manga is also published on Shueisha’s online magazine Shonen Jump+ and releases a new chapter every week. The spoilers for Dr. Stone Chapter 214 will arrive this coming week. Those who prefer to wait can get the latest Dr. Stone Chapter 214 on Sunday. Dr. Stone has delayed the recent chapter, but the manga has returned, and it will continue as usual. Let’s meet when Dr. Stone Chapter 214 releases.

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