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Spoilers & Highlights: Dr. Stone Chapter 203

Dr. Stone Chapter 217
Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone Chapter 203 is just a week away as the young scientists continue preparations to go to the moon. The alliance between Senku and Dr. Xeno is going well. But Gen and Chrome think that Xeno is not the guy to be trusted. The chapter begins with a picture of Flourite, a mysterious mineral that releases light when heated. The Flourite is an essential item for the spaceship that the scientist is crafting. Dr. Stone continues in the new era of Senku and Xeno.

The crew enjoys traveling while talking about the minerals that they like. Ryusui comments that he is obsessed with Flourite. Chrome and Francois also talked about the mineral. They also fell in love with the olive that Senku created using science. The science kingdom crew spoke about the new persues and will take them worldwide to get anything they desire. Ryusui is glad that he knows something about Flourite. Later, the scientist arrived in Barcelona, and Gen said it took them a week to reach here.

Senku decided that they will set camp and relax, and they work with their scientific stuff. He asks the crew about taking sight in Spain, and Gen wonders if there is something left to see. Ryusui asks the boy about Chelsea’s location and also talked about harvesting olive oil. Senku decided to allow Ryusui to go rampaging as the king of desire. Gen wonders if Stone World rings a bell. Meanwhile, Ryusi, Francois, and Chelsea arrive at the mountain and begin harvesting olive oil. After collecting the oil, Senku missed a bowl, and Gen said it is food science.

Dr. Stone Chapter 202 Highlights

Chrome and Kohaku enjoy teasing Senku, who is making food science, and says that Kaseki could make that in his sleep. Suika noted that she has been craving this for a long time. She realizes that she has spent a lot of time serving alone. They finish making olive oil, and Francois cooked delicious food for everyone. Francois said she is presenting Authentic Ajillo made with extra virgin olive oil. They also make fisherman’s whim pasta and Gen comments that the name suit the dish. The boys enjoy eating the food.

Gen said that the taste and the aroma remind him of the past. Ryusui noted that this shows that they are in Spain Barcelona. Kohaku tastes the noodles and comments that it is new to the Ishigami Village crew. Francoise serves everyone food at the dining table and chairs they recently crafted with the power of science. Francois speaks in Spanish as she serves them food. She said ”Si Quire Peude Repe’tir,” meaning seconds are available if you wish. Chelsea is impressed that Francoise can speak Spanish.

Dr. Stone Chapter 203 Preview and Spoilers

Dr. Stone


Francoise reveals that she learned Spanish from those they revived in South America and show respect to the local culture. The crew enjoys talking about Spanish cultures as they enjoy eating food around Spain. They realize that they will revival many people who will need a lot of food. Chrome surprised everyone by coming at full speed with a group of wild bulls chasing him. The crew shouts wild bull, and Ryusui replies that he is not surprised since they are in Spain. Kohaku comments that King Chrome always gets chased by beasts, and it makes him a good bait.

Ryusui jumps in and takes off his jacket playing with the wild bulls. The wild bulls followed Ryui’s jacked as he swings that jacket. One of the bull hits the tree and sees stars. The crew is impressed that Ryusi is a bullfighter, and Ryusui talked about how he got trained to become a bullfighter. Francois said that she could make popular sweets in Spain using olive and milk. Senku realizes that he is not that good in food science, but he is glad they have Francois. They enjoy eating Churros, but Francoise makes them pay.

The science kingdom crew met with four new guys who bow in front of them. Those guys said the Senku and his team would create a new world. Gen said that they are in a quest to revive everyone from one country to another. Ryusui adds that he is just a guy who loves to desire everything. The new guys decided to join Ryusui and said that they are ready to work. The crew wants to work and make more money in this new world. Ryu said that he has resources that need gathering and his next goal is Flourite.

Dr. Stone Chapter 203 Release Date and Where To Read Online?

Dr. Stone Chapter 203 release date is on 4 July 2021. Dr. Stone will continue next Sunday. Read Dr. Stone on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga for free.

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