Dr. Stone Anime Reveals 2019 Premiere Date

Dr. Stone is a scientific class manga, one feels like he’s taking classes of science while also battling calamities of life. It could be a good way to teach science to kids. Jokes apart this manga has made immense strides to glory in the last year. Dr. Stone manga was launched back in 2017 and since then has now had more than a hundred chapters released.

It is becoming increasingly popular with Shonen fans because even though the crux of the manga is similar to almost every shonen but the element of science makes it different and sets it apart from the rest. Riichiro Inagaki is the writer of the manga and Boichi os the illustrator of the manga. Now, that more than a hundred chapters are out, it is a good time to introduce anime into the fold as well. All the fans of Dr. Stone are ecstatic to get the anime.

It has been confirmed that the anime will be debuting on 05 July 2019. The trailer of the anime is already out, TMS Entertainment studio is making the anime and by the looks of the trailer, the anime does look pretty slick. The plot of the Dr. Stone manga is what gets me most pumped up about this new anime, here is its plot:
Taiju and Senku wake up after thousands of years only to discover the whole humanity has been turned into stone statues.

They thus are adamant to save the whole world and humanity, start a new civilization and most importantly find the source of petrification and punish the ones who have done this to the world.


They then make a formula to turn the human statues back to humans and revive Tsukasa their old classmate. Tsukasa is only one of the many hurdles that Senku faces throughout the 100+ chapters of Dr. Stone manga. But as they say, the first hurdle is the toughest one.

Tsukasa decides to online revive young humans and destroys the statues of older human beings. Senku and others have to deal with this and more exciting arcs follow as the story of a scientific civilization follows. Shinya Iino will be directing the anime and the writing part of the anime is being handled by Yuichiro Kido. The first season of Dr. Stone anime will have a total of 24 episodes.

Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts regarding Dr. Stone anime coming out and tell us are you excited about it or not.

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