‘Dr. Brain’ Ending Explained: Se Won Saves His Son But Dr. Myung Appears At The End

Dr. Brain Ending
Dr. Brain Korean Drama 2021

Dr. Brain ending has left so many questions, placing viewers in a confusing mess! Episode 6 of Dr. Brain is an emotional roller coaster ride. After all, the main plot has been solved. However, the climax makes viewers wonder about Dr. Brain season 2! In the last episode, Se Won has gone through all pain and regret at once to save his only son! However, that has not been an easy thing for him. In the end, he has paid a huge price for that. Just like that, the kdrama has shown different sides of science. The idea of Brain Sync sounds absurd, but the process and execution of it have been done flawlessly.

The South Korean sci-fi thriller ‘Dr. Brain’ has shown viewers different phases of science. One of the things that stand out is character development. A scientist who used to feel nothing and only cares about his research goes through an evolution as little by little his family begins to fall apart. Another charm of this kdrama is the casting. All cast members such as Lee Sun Kyun, Lee Yoo Young, Park Hee Soon, Seo Ji Hye, Lee Jae Won, and many more have excellently delivered their characters. They have brought a distinct touch to this thrilling sci-fi ride. However, Dr. Brain ending has given an intriguing trace, leaving suspense bugs in the viewers’ minds!

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Dr. Brain Ending Explained – Why Jae Yi Jumps Of The Roof During Brain Sync?

Episode 6 reveals the Brain Sync part between Se Won and his wife, Jae Yi. Since Jae Yi is in a coma state, it becomes difficult for Se Won to handle her mental condition. He tries to calm her as much as possible to find some clues about Do Yoon’s disappearance. Since Jae Yi was also a scientist, she understands how Brain Sync works in general and looks for Do Yoon’s trace in her memories.

Dr. Brain Korean Drama
Se Won and Jae Yi

After learning about her health state and fact that only dead people’s memory can be transmitted completely, Jae Yi makes up her mind! She knows that her coma state won’t be helpful. Therefore, she decides to sacrifice herself. Se Won tries to stop her, make her understand that they can find a way out of this. However, Jae Yi wants her son, Do Yoon, to be safe, and she is ready to do anything even if it means losing her life. Therefore, during Brain Sync, she gives up on her life by jumping off the building’s rooftop!

What Is The Truth Behind Jae Yi’s Death?

Il Nam immediately turns off Brain Sync seeing Jae Yi’s condition worsening. However, before he and Se Won can save her, Jae Yi takes the last breath, sacrificing her life so Se Won can Brain Sync and find the clues hidden inside her memories. Se Won couldn’t even move after losing her wife. However, Private Detective Lee Kang Mu guides and instructs him to create the necessary circumstance. This way, Se Won can see his wife as a separate person from memories just like he sees Lee Kang Mu. Therefore, Se Won decides to Brain Sync, once again, with Jae Yi. This time to the point where his heart needs to stop for a few minutes as it had happened during the first Brain Sync.

After connecting with Jae Yi’s memories, it takes him to Saera Children’s Clinic. The kdrama does not reveal why Jae Yi begins suspecting Saera Children’s Clinic. It shows that after Do Yoon’s death, she visits the clinic. However, Jae Yi has a motive behind meeting Dr. Hyun Soo Jung (The clinic’s Director). She secretly steals information about the secret brain sync research. At the same time, she finds a private lab inside Dr. Hyun’s cabin and mistakes a boy for Do Yoon. Jae Yi’s doubt grows after discovering so many children going through some clinical examination. And thus, she hurriedly goes home to see the entire content of the secret research.

Dr. Brain Korean Drama
Secretary Yoon

However, before she can look into it, Secretary Yoon visits with an excuse of giving her medicine. He insists that Dr. Hyun has instructed to watch her taking the dose. She does but, Secretary Yoon threatens her to consume the whole bottle. That’s when she understands the evil motive! Jae Yi fights, but Secretary Yoon forcefully feeds her all medicine. Also, he creates a perfect suicide attempt scene, resulting in no one doubts her death. Thankfully before losing consciousness, she hides the USB. Ultimately, Dr. Brain ending reveals the truth behind Jae Yi’s death, which turns out to be an attempted murder case!

Perfect Teamwork Between Se Won, Lieutenant Choi, And Nam Il

After seeing the whole scene, Se Won loses control, but Il Nam saves him at the right moment. Since Se Won goes through the same thing which happened during Kang Mu’s Brain Sync, he begins seeing Jae Yi as a separate person and not just a trace of memories. Knowing Jae Yi has left the clue behind, he immediately goes where she had hidden the USB. The USB contains information on the secret research centers’ locations. Previously, the lab was in San Jose, which they had to close down due to the government constraint. Dr. Brain ending reveals that the team has three labs in South Korea, including Saera Children’s Clinic. 


Thus, save his son, Se Won team up with Officer Choi. After learning new clues about their secret research centers, Se Won asks Choi Ji Un to find any company or research center name related to Turritopsis or Red Jellyfish and has to be far away from residential and commercial areas and mostly somewhere underground place. She immediately finds a bunker in a tunnel, and all three departs, racing against time.

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Se Won Confronts Dr. Myung During Brain Sync

Episode 6 of Dr. Brain shows that the trio reaches the location. However, at the scene, they discover all doors are already opened. As if before them, someone has been there secretly. Meanwhile, Dr. Myung and Secretary Yoon arrive at the lab room where the Brain Sync will conduct between Dr. Myung and Do Yoon. Dr. Brain has shown a completely different side of scientists, who spends their whole life doing researches like madpeople. And Dr. Myung is one of them since he wants to be mentally immortal, which is a ridiculous scientific point. Dr. Hyun and Yoo Jin help him to set up all necessary equipment.

By the time they activate Brain Sync, a large amount of electricity flows from all corners of the centers, and Se Won discovers they have started the process. Meantime, Secretary Yoon gets attacked by the Fixer. However, their fight gets interrupted as the trio encounters them. Se Won and Il Nam immediately rush after finding Do Yoon’s location while Officer Choi fights against the brutal Fixer.

Dr. Brain Ending Reveals Third Party Interruption Is The Only Way Out 

After reaching the lab room, Se Won and Il Nam instantly take over control. However, it seems they were one step behind because Dr. Hyun has locked the machine and increased the electrical energy. At this point, it becomes impossible to stop the process. However, Se Won will not give up like this! Knowing his brain has already developed to adopt various Brain Sync waves and still he is alive, he takes a decision. He informs Il Nam he has to do three-route Brain Sync with Do Yoon and Dr. Myung. If he interrupts Dr. Myung’s brain wave and directs them towards him, he may be able to save Do Yoon. After all, his mind is already adapted to fluctuating brain waves of different people.

Dr. Brain Ending
Se Won and Dr. Myung

However, they need to stop at the right time, or Se Won may lose his life. Because that amount of electrical energy usage is beyond one’s brain’s capability. After removing Dr. Myung’s body, Se Won Brain Sync with Do Yoon so that the stored memories of Dr. Myung transmit to him and not to Do Yoon. During Brain Sync, Dr. Myung and Se Won confront each other in the mind-to-mind world. The two talk about their emotions. Finally, Se Won understands Dr. Myung’s feelings for whom Se Won is like his kid. However, Dr. Myung’s madness does not cease. He is adamant about becoming immortal using Do Yoon’s body with his memories.

The Dead Dr. Myung Appears At The End Of Dr. Brain

At the right moment, Se Won sends a signal to Il Nam, who stops all the processes, blocking Dr. Myung’s brain waves from transmitting to Se Won. Thankfully, with Jae Yi’s memories, he saves Do Yoon. Ultimately, Do Yoon gets out of his world and recognizes his father’s voice. However, before they could get out, the machine burst because of the high electricity usage. Thankfully, Se Won covers his son when the machine blast, saving both of their lives. By the ending of Dr. Brain, all the researchers get arrested thanks to Officer Choi’s backup team. She even informs him that Yoon has been caught trying to flee the country. After all, he is Jae Yi’s killer, and Se Won wants to see him behind the jail!

After talking with Choi Ji Un about Yoon, Se Won hears voices from the living room. And thus goes out to see, only to find Dr. Myung standing in front of him! However, Dr. Myung can’t be alive since he has cancer. But then how can Se Won see him? The only possibility left is Se Won’s brain has gone through the same shock and accepted all memories of Dr. Myung. Therefore, he can see Dr. Myung as a separate person like Lee Kang Mu and Jae Yi. This also leads to the possibility of Season 2 of Dr. Brain.

After all, Dr. Brain ending has not fully explained why Dr. Myung appears before Se Won. What will happen to Do Yoon? Does Do Yoon also face any aftermath of Brain Sync? Also, the mysteries of the Brain Sync are not fully described, such as Se Won did it numerous times yet, he is alive. His brain adapts anyone’s memories! Maybe Dr. Brain season 2 will solve those questions. Thus, stay tuned to know the latest updates about the Korean drama ‘Dr. Brain.’

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