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Doom At Your Service: The Cast Talks About Working With Each Other

Doom At Your Service Episode 2 Review
Doom at Your Service cr: tvN

The two Tak Dong Kyung discovers that she has only 100 days remaining in her life. In rage and agony, she calls upon ruin, and she gets Myul Mang the messenger of doom himself. What sacrifices will they have to make in order to get 100 days of happiness? The upcoming South Korean drama One Ordinary Day, will explore how much the two characters are willing to sacrifice for short-lived happiness.

Park Bo Young, the queen of fantasy dramas, will be starring in the lead role alongside Seo In Guk. This will be Park Bo Young’s return to the silver screen after her last fantasy drama Abyss in 2019. Seo In Guk is well known for his brilliant performances in Reply 1997, and The Smile Has Left Your Eyes. The two promising actors coming together for a story written by Im Me Ah Ri is a dream come true. The story focuses on an interesting love triangle between Lee Soo Hyuk, Kang Tae Oh, and Shin Do Hyun. The drama also goes by the name One Day Destruction Came Through My Front Door.

tvN keeps releasing one highlight video after another that keeps raising the fan’s excitement. On an online press conference held on May 6, the cast and crew answered questions about working together, the storyline, and what attracted them to this drama.

Doom At Your Service: The Plot

Doom at your service press conference

Doom at your service cr: tvN

Myul Mang is not a human, he is a messenger between the Gods and humans. He has no passion or intention and just does what fate asks of him, but even he wonders till how long? Moreover, Myul Mang has the power to make anything that he touches disappear. He gets tangled in a 100-day contract with Tak Dong Kyung, and an emotional rollercoaster ensues.

Tak Dong Kyung has been working hard to be stable in her life ever since her parents died. She has been working as a web novelist in a publishing company named Life Story. Just when she thinks that she has reached a stable point, she discovers she has a life-threatening health condition. In addition to that, Tak Dong Kyung has to take care of her little brother, Taek Seon Kyung, who does not have a job. Cursing her sad fate, Tak Dong Kyung calls for ruin, and Myul Mang whose name means ruin enters her life.

Lee Soo Hyuk plays the character of Cha Joo Ik co-worker who has a crush on Na Ji Na. Lee Hyun Kyu is played by Kang Tae Oh, who is Lee Soo Hyuk’s roommate and Na Ji Na’s first love. Between her first love and the guy who promises her to show the best of love. Who will Na Ji Na choose?

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Doom At Your Service: Press Conference

Doom At Your Service Press Conference

Doom At Your Service Press Conference cr: tvN

The press conference that was held on May 6, had fans smiling from ear to ear because of the cute interactions between the actors. Fans got to know how the actors felt while working with each other and why the story is special. Furthermore, fans were excited to see the real-life chemistry of Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young.

Park Bo Young

An interesting fact is that Park Bo Young had gone on record to say ” The time has come” when she found out that she’ll be working with Seo In Guk. Bo Young said ” Whenever I watched In Guk’s performances I was so impressed and knew that I would work with him one day”.

When asked to tell the viewers what makes the character of Tak Dong Kyung relatable, she said that her character is relatable because she just chooses a way to survive. She does not have one grand ambition. Tak Dong Kyung chooses a job with a stable living just like many others.

Park Bo Young shared that the hardest part of playing Tak Dong Kyung was to understand that she has only 100 days to live. She said she tried to portray love for the things that make her want to continue living.

Seo In Guk

When asked about what attracted him to play Myul Mang, In Guk said that it was his sadness. To portray a character that has been living aimlessly for an unknown time, pulled him in. When he was asked about why he wanted to work with Bo Young, he said that contrary to her height Bo Young has a bigger presence that lights up the set.

The viewers can look forward to this drama to see what changes the ordinary Tak Dong Kyung and the destructive Myul Mang bring into each other’s lives.

Doom At Your Service will release on 10th May on tvN.

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