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What To Expect From Doom At Your Service Episode 4?

Doom At Your Service Episode 6 Release Date And Preview
Doom At Your Service

Doom At Your Service or 어느 날 우리 집 현관으로 멸망이 들어왔다 is a South Korean television drama series. It premiered on May 10 and has released three episodes so far. Fans are excitedly waiting for the episode 4 release date. The drama has been gaining a high viewership rating and is giving a tough fight to all other dramas. Apart from having A-list stars like Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk, the drama has an otherworldly storyline. When I say otherworldly I don’t just mean that the storyline is unique, the drama is a fantasy drama. Doom At Your Service has released three episodes so far but viewers are already connected to the characters.

The drama gained a lot of popularity even before its release because of the cast involved. Moreover, it is Seo In Guk’s and Park Bo Young’s return to the silver screen after a long drought. More specifically  Seo In Guk is making a comeback after three years and Park Bo Young after four.

With just three episodes, the show has proved itself to be praiseworthy. Fans are going crazy over the cracking chemistry between Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk. In this article, we will be telling you Doom At Your Service Episode 4 Release Date and what to expect so that you don’t miss out on any details.

Doom At Your Service: Plot Recap

As we move towards episode 4 of the drama, we slowly understand each character and root for them. Doom At Your Service is also known as One Day Destruction Entered Through The Front Door Of My House.  The plot revolves around two main characters namely Tak Dong Kyung and Myul Mang.

Tak Dong Kyung

Tak Dong Kyung has been been a rollercoaster going downwards ever since a young age. She lost her parents in a car accident when she was very young. Moreover, her relatives were selfish so she was left alone to fend for her and her younger brother. After getting through a tough childhood she is finally gaining some stability. But not for very long. She discovers that she has glioblastoma, aggressive cancer that begins in the brain. Tak Dong Kyung, even after going through so many hardships continues to work as a web novelist. The doctor tells her that she has got only 100 days to live and those too will not be free of pain. Frustrated at her fate and hopeless because of her condition she wishes for the world to be doomed. Little does she know, that a lonely messenger of the deity wishes for the same.

Myul Mang

Myul Mang is a messenger between the deities and humans. He lives hopelessly as any move he makes causes destruction. His name itself means destruction. Moreover, he has existed for a long time wondering why is fate so cruel to him. When one day, a human wishes for doom in this world, he is beyond ecstatic. His birthday is the only day he can grant someone’s wish and Tak Dong Kyung wished for the same thing that he has been longing for. So, he decides to give Tak Dong Kyung 100 days of happiness if she wishes for the world to be doomed.

Doom At Your Service: Episode 4 Preview

Doom At Your Service Episode 4

Doom At Your Service cr: Viki

The preview had started with Myul Mang saying that,” Everyone either resents me or wants me. No one loves me.” to this Tak Dong Kyng had replied that she will love him because she has to. Myul Mang had reminded her not to regret her decision. After this, we could see the high school romance with Na Ji Na and her ex that might be Lee Hyun Gyu. And in the scene that came next, Cha Joo Ik was asking Lee Hyun Gyu why she hasn’t gotten over her ex yet. Then we could see Na Ji Na signing a personal contract with Na Ji Na. Soo after that, it appeared like Myul Mang is in someone’s dream and someone was saying, It’s game over if he shows up n your dream.”

Then we see Tak Dong Kyung trying to feed Myul Mang. It looks like that it is time for someone to die because Myul Mang was asking what would happen if he took someone’s life earlier. Tak Dong Kyung Must have tried to break her contract because Tak Sun Kyung was going to die at the hands of Myul Mang. Tak Dong Kyung could be heard saying this to Myul Mang,” If I can’t kill you then I will make you miserable.” In the next scene, Myul Mang was telling Tak Dong Kyung that he had already told her she wouldn’t be able to love him. We are so excited for the next episode!

Doom At Your Service Episode 4 Release Date

Doom At Your Service Episode 4 will be released on May 18th, 2021. Tak Dong Kyung and Myul Mang blessed our screens when it first premiered on May 10 on tvN. The drama has released three amazing episodes so far. The drama has a total of 16 episodes with new episodes releasing every Monday and Tuesday. Furthermore, international fans can watch this amazing fantasy drama on Rakuten Viki. Doom At Your Service episodes are aired at 9 PM KST on tvN which is 7 AM according to Central Time. The episodes are available soon after on Viki with English subtitles. Tune in to watch Doom At Your Service.

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