Don’t Say No Episode 12: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

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Don't Say No
Don't Say No

At a time when Korean drama or as a whole Korean content is creating a stir in the global entertainment industry, Thai dramas are also making fast paces towards their audience. The popularity of both is soaring high, and fans wait for the new releases eagerly. One such drama is Don’t Say No. However, this drama has reached its end, as in this article you will know about the final or 12th episode of the series. Moreover, you will get to know about its release date, recap, and much other information regarding this drama.

Don’t Say No is a Thai BL drama with a total of 12 episodes. Also known as When The Hearts Are Close Together, this drama is a BL drama. It is basically a spin-off of TharnType 2: 7 Years Of Love. In this series, the main characters are named Fiat and Leo, who harvest feelings for each other but find it difficult to confess.

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Don’t Say No Episode 12 Release Date

The latest and the last episode of the series will air on Friday, 22nd October, 2021. The series had 12 episodes, and every Friday, one episode was released. Since every week only one episode releases, you won’t have a problem in catching up in case if you haven’t watched the drama.

Don’t Say No Episode 12 Streaming Details.

Thai drama Don’t Say No is streaming in GMM One, which is a broadcasting channel. Each episode is 50 to 1 hour long in duration. International audiences can view it on Line TV.

Don't Say No
Thai drama Don’t Say No

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Don’t Say No Episode 11 Recap- Spoiler Alert.

The episode starts with Punn and Leo having a conversation together where she tells that King is planning something against Fiat. After hearing this, when panicked, Leo asked for a way out Punn revealed that she would only disclose the plan if Leo shared a kiss with her. Previously as well she has made it very clear that she holds feelings for Leo. Leo hesitantly kisses her only to know the plan; however, it doesn’t work. One of Punn’s friends was recording all of this, and later she revealed that it was all part of King’s plan. At home, Liat was engrossed in his own thoughts as he witnessed both Leo and Punn together at the scene. Leo tells him to be on his guard all the time because of the current scenario. Later at the office, Fiat had an encounter with Punn where she told him that Leo comes from an influential family, so eventually, he will marry one day. After listening to all this, Fiat warned her to stay away from Leo.

Don't say no
A still from the series Don’t Say No

Punn once again tried to have a moment with Leo, and this time Fait comes to make her understand that just kissing her boyfriend won’t make him or their relationship insecure. However, after that, a disheartened Fiat sits alone and cries to himself. He knows that Leo would never cheat on him still, he couldn’t bear the fact that Leo and Punn had a moment, even if it was brief. A few moments later, Fiat receives a call from King. During their meeting, King spikes Fiat’s drink. Leo comes there at a prime moment and takes Fiat away from there. After waking up, Fiat and Leo have a heated discussion, to which Fiat tells Leo that they should have remained only friends in the first place. Meanwhile, a grand party has been organized by Leo’s family where Fiat is also invited. Leo was not sure whether Fiat would pay his visit or not. However, the episode ends with Fiat entering Leo’s party, and the scene ends with them looking at each other.

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What Will Happen In Episode 12 Of Don’t Say No?

Both Leo and Fiat have their share of misunderstandings that they need to sort out. However, they understand each other very well, so hopefully, they will solve out the issues. Also, we cannot forget that King’s plan is still on, and only the upcoming episode will tell what is going to happen.

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